Creepy Crawlies

First of all I like to say Thanks for the warm welcome that I received from all.

When I was told I had progressive MS, I was told that you don’t get peaks and flows, just consent symptoms that will gradually get worse. But some days are worse, then others. I work for 4 days a week, and yesterday was the first day of my 3 day weekend, like I mostly do on the Friday I sat around and chilled, but yesterday the ‘creepy crawlies’ come out in force, before I was diagnosed I didn’t know what it was and would scratch for England, i would make the areas red raw or even bleed. So there i was sitting there trying to work out the best way to help myself, so out come the ‘zerocream’, its just like E45, so sitting there putting cream all over to try and take the edge off. But me being me, about an hour later I got up and went to start clearing out my cabin in the garden, I’m on my own, as my husband has gone out for a breather, thinking that i wouldn’t do anything, without him as my balance is not good and the floor hates me, but I did and yes the floor picked on me and down I went. I was able to get myself up, over time, but this is one thing you don’t tell the old man, he wouldn’t be happy,

My question to you guys is ‘do you get this sensation, what do you do’?

thanx for taking time to read my ramblings.


Hello Mandy.

Yes, we have these sensations. Mine are in my legs which range from being dipped in ice-cold running water and being attacked by flame-throwers. Some people may be offered medication but the reports are mixed. I just put a blanket over my legs. Simple but effective. As for meeting the floor; it is something which has happened to me a lot. It usually means a 2-3 hour wait for the paramedics to pick me up. It needs a 6th sense to spot the potential danger.

Best wishes, Steve

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Mandy you’re not on your own. It’s just your brain and nerve endings misbehaving. It’s usually my back that gets affected but there aren’t many parts of me that doesn’t suffer at all. I often itch but most of the time I feel like I’ve been scalded. That’s really painful and I can only wear soft fabric with few or no seams. Bras are impossible when it happens and no creams, lotions or potions help. I’ve got a high pain threshold but when it’s unbearable I can only take my morphine which makes me so dopey that I don’t care. Experiment with keeping the area covered, uncovered, hot or cold, elevated etc, you might find a way to ease it. I hope you feel a bit better about it now. Cath x

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Dear Mandy MS is a bleep bleep bleep, I take antihistamine and have E45 at hand. As for meeting the floor face first, if we take our mind of our balance ‘it’ will bite us. We just dust ourselves down and soldier on, be safe and take care. M xx

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yes my wife has the itchy nose and the cold legs are always there, she has an electric blanket but the legs are stone cold but in the middle of the night without the blanket on she has absorbed all the heat like a storage heater and her body is roasting no easy remedies!!! when she sits in her chair she now just falls forward so when i come back out with the coffee or wine she has folded over so now i have to belt her in its so hard this bloody illness but you guys who suffer it are amazing

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