Describing the senses.

Hello, everyone.

Some of us have been able to describe the sensations we might experience in graphic detail. Burning, crawling and tingling for example. This morning I worked out what my own particular sensations were like. When I move from a sitting or lying position I feel as though my legs are being attacked by flame-throwers. It’s a sort of burning freezing thing. But it’s when I’m sitting or lying still I find the sensation harder to describe. Then it came to me. It’s like having my legs stuck in a quagmire, complete with nibbling parasitic insects. Such creative analogies can only come from those who spend hours lying awake at night.

Been a wet damp few days here in Sussex.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Hi Steve,

I know all about the horrible sensations in our legs but it can be difficult to describe. Somebody hit the nail on the head when they said walking was like walking through hardening cement and the cement seems to get harder and harder.

Today I had my first reflexology treatment and I felt so relaxed after and the tightness in my legs disappeared for a few hours. It’s back again now but it was wonderful not to have it for a while.

I think I’m going to make reflexology a once a month thing.

Mags xx

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It’s very hard to describe these things.

The constant buzzing in my body I would say is like be wired to electricity and sometimes the electricity is pulsing through me… so it’s literally in tune with my pulse. Not sure how well that describes it.

The vibrations sensation in my legs? I was in a delicatesant with a friend and they had a very large chest freezer on the wooden floor. The sensation that it caused when standing next to it was exactly how my legs feel all the time. My friend stood there and couldn’t believe it is that strong… but it is.

Last night in bed I couldn’t work out if I was hot or cold. I knew I was one or the other but honestly I couldn’t work out which. In the end I put the heating on and within half an hour I felt ok… so I had been cold. Really odd & I’m sure most people would have trouble believing it… but there you go. Nothing stranger than MS.

Pat xx

I agree, a most difficult to describe, but here goes.

The vibrating you describe Pat reminds me of a bouncy chair that my grandsons used, it had a vibrating mode as well, that is what I feel daily, mainly in my legs, and especially bad when in bed.

The burning I get feels like a red hot poker inside my thigh, although they are cold to the touch, same with my feet.

As with everything with MS, the symptoms are really difficult to describe to others who luckily do not have this illness.

Grey and drizzle here today, lights already on, makes the nights so long, roll on Spring.

Pam x

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I always describe the constant vibrating and buzzing feeling in my legs as like being constantly standing on a vibro-plate machine at the gym.

Unfortunately my MS buzzing doesn’t tone my muscles or help me to lose weight

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When I bought my riser / recliner chair I could have paid a bit extra to have massage function. I tried it. Exactly how my body feels most of the time!

That was one extra I could do without.

Pat xx

I’ve long given up trying to explain weird symptoms to anyone other than other MS people, my GP and my long suffering husband because people’s replies are always of the same ilk…I’ve got that, oh my legs do that, yes, I get desperately tired!

Drives me nuts

Nina X