A million little ants.

I don’t usually post about this kind of stuff, it’s either tell someone or curl into a ball and cry. For a few weeks now I’ve had what I can only describe as a gentle tickling sensation inside the heel of my foot. Yesterday and today it’s intensified and while not painful as such I just can’t bear it, it’s awful my skin is crawling from the inside and it’s spreading up my leg. It’s probably worse because I’ve been packing my kitchen up ready for the subsidence work.

Anyone got any tips to relieve the sensations I can’t even find the Ibuprofen and paracetamol because I’ve packed them away. I’m telling myself they wouldn’t have help anyway. Sorry I try not to moan but sometimes it just gets too much.

Jan x

Jan I don’t get that in my feet, it must be really uncomfortable. I get the “million ants crawling” over my torso and legs and at times it burns like hell, sometimes feeling like I’ve been scalded. My Gabapentin and Amitriptyline helps it. Heat sometimes helps too which is bizarre when you consider the fact that it feels burnt.

Hope this helps, amitriptyline is probably the most effective I think. I hope for your sake it settles down.

Cath x

I take Amitriptyline for the crawling in my hands and arms, to be honest I should stop taking it as it doesn’t do much good if any.

I turned the heating off just after posting and it’s calming down a little. I’m better when I’m cold, it’s odd how we all differ in what makes us worse or what makes things easier to manage.

Thanks Cath hope you’re having a good night.

Jan x

Hi Jan,

I have sensations in my foot which vary from mild chilblains to the feeling of having been scalded with hot water. What I find helpful is Badger Balm Muscle Rub, which has cayenne and ginger in it. I rub some of that under my ankle bone and sometimes over the whole foot and up the leg some way, especially if it is stopping me sleeping. This makes the sensation milder or even disappear for me. I don’t know if this would be helpful for what you are feeling, and of course, you should do a little skin test to make sure you’re not allergic to it.

Thanks Lapwing I’ll try some, do you know where I can buy it? I do get chilblains, fortunately non this winter so far. I use something called Balmosa I find it does help a little.

Things eased off a little when I got cold last night. Saves on the heating bills, yet another silver lining for my MS cloud.

Have a good day everyone I’m going to my Mums for a week or so while subsidence work is completed and my new Kitchen fitted.

That’s if I don’t tell them to take a hike after they confirm or deny the extra work to be completed at the price agreed. Long story so I won’t bore you with it.

Have a good day everyone.

Jan x

My MS Nurse calls it Neuropathic pain.

I take Amitriptyline, topped up with Co-codamol 30/500.

Co-co (as I call it), is a prescription painkiller. I’m also concerned that I’m taking quite an unhealthy dose some days. Sod it. If my liver goes first, at least it’ll be a pain free liver.


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I also find Amitriptyline helps. It’s a really horrible feeling and I sympathise.

It’s probably because you’ve been overdoing it (I’m also having kitchen done and I know I’ve overdone it!).

I’ve packed my rubbish bags. What a stupid thing to pack!

I think it would be worth trying ibuprofin or paracetamol…or try a combo of both. One of each. It’s a very good combo. Can you get someone to get some for you?

Hope it improves soon.

Pat xx

Hi Jan,

I get mine from Beauty Naturals - they do free UK delivery:

It also smells lovely! :o)

Snow Leopard,

What do you charge for filling rubbish bags? We’ve got a vacancy for someone like you here.


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I charge £500 a full bag and I sub contract it out to a private company…in accordance with the philosophy of our wonderful caring Government. Oh and of course they’re all on zero hours contracts.

My friend Mr Osborne tells me that the working-class people prefer these contracts as it gives them a more flexible life-style (you know for all those dinner parties & holidays they have).

You could of course put it out for bids…to look fair…but we’ll have our Gentlemen’s Agreement so no one else will get a look in.

As you can see, I am very much in the spirit of the Big Society (btw what happened to the Big Society? It seems to have curled up and died…hey ho).

Pat xx


Thanks I’ll send for some as soon as I’m home with wifi. I’m using my roaming data at the moment Mam doesn’t do wifi

Jan x

Thanks A, I’ll try it with ibuprofen and or Paracetamol first, I’m wary of relying on taking too much too often. I’m assuming your GP is monitoring your intake of “co-co” I hope so, there is a lot of concern in the press about pain relief addiction but I do get what you are saying about being pain free.

Jan x

I’m trying ibuprofen tonight Pat, thanks for the suggestion of paracetamol and ibuprofen together that’ll be my next try.

I’ve got stuff all over the place I didn’t realise how much I had stored in my kitchen, im very fortunate in that I can now stay at Mams till the work is finished. Hope everything gets sorted quickly for you, I resorted to using the numerous charity bags for rubbish when I was clearing out, I get three a week on average and they never pick the empty ones back up so I don’t feel guilty using them.

Jan x

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Jan, my kitchen is pretty much a black hole at moment. All of my kitchen stuff is packed up in living-room which looks like a bomb site. I’m cooking on microwave in living-room.

All the cabinet’s have been ripped out and tiles knocked off walls.

Dickie and I are living in bedroom. He’s nice and chilled though on vet’s valerian…but I kinda miss my crazy cat!

Why do we have so much stuff??? Honestly the amount of dishes I’ve got I could have a huge dinner party with several courses…and I never have more than a couple of people over and even that’s rare as hen’s teeth!

Hope the ibuprofin and paracetamol combo works for you. No more than 3 times a day!

Have a nice night,

Pat xx

I think, if you take the maximum daily allowance of paracetamol every day, you will overdose after some time - I believe there is a monthly dose or similar too. Always best to speak to a doctor if you’re taking something regularly long term. Always better to ask - there may be a safer, more effective alternative. No sense in risking damaging something if there’s another way - we have enough to deal with!

I had a massive clear out when I moved a few years ago yet still had stuff to throw away at the weekend. The spare (grandkids) room is full of stuff and overflowed to my bedroom. I don’t envy you having to live with it while the work is progressing, it’ll be worth it though.

I took some ibuprofen and paracetamol last night, it must have helped I was asleep an hour later. As a rule it doesn’t bother me much during the day when I’m occupied evening is always worse than days. I rarely have trouble sleeping, can I thank the Amitriptyline for that.

Jan x

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I will only use them regularly if i can’t cope with it any other way, if that happens I will consult my GP and MS Nurse. Thanks for the warning it’s too easy to slip into bad habits.

Jan x

Whe will all you crazy wazzacks stop going on about bin bags? I know I started it but …


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Pat and Jan I sympathise with both of you. I had a new kitchen last year and the experience was very unpleasant at the time. Like you Pat I hibernated in the bedroom during the day as my house is very small so all of my kitchen ended up in my tiny living room. I suppose it had its benefits, I could operate the tv, dvd etc with my feet from my seat on my sofa. Cooking was tricky but my lovely parents live down the road so my mum made meals for us.

Keep your chin up, the end result is so worth it. A lovely sparkling new kitchen with clean cupboards and everything in its place. Jan you have the right idea moving out, I wish I’d had that option! Pat I’m so glad Dickie is coping. Don’t worry, the valerian works out of their system very quickly so he’ll be back to normal very soon after the work’s completed.

Take care you don’t overdo it, I did and paid for it, though I was just so glad to get back to normal again.

Cath xx

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I’ve just found a fab website for splash Backs, I’m running out of mobile web minutes though, Mam hasn’t got wifi I can’t believe how much I miss it.

Wazzack long time since I heard that expression.

Catch up properly next week.

Jan xx