I am suffering with paresthesias in both feet at the moment and it's driving me crazy. Anyone have any advise on how to ease the tingling, numbness and burning sensations that have been taking turns to attack my feet, all I want is a painfree hour or two to feel more human? I am seeing the MS nurse next Friday, so help is not to far away. I just need some tips on how to try and get through untill then without me going completely mad with it.


Have u tried cooling the area? Towels that have been in the freezer helps short term for me thumbsup Then Amytriptyline was prescribed-tho there are other medications available too.

Ellie x


Thanks for the reply.

I have never suffered with heat problems but there's always a first time. I am also on Amitriptyline and take 50mg tablets once a day, maybe I will need slightly stronger dose, I will definately ask and hope.


I am ok in the heat. Not sure if thats what u mean or ur body feels hot.

Hope you get some relief soon. I would suggest a cool shower but that sounds like another subject! LOL

Take care x

I find it is worse when I am tired - this happens too often but it is funny how you learn to live with the interesting stuff.  I guess a lot of my tiredness can be self induced but there you go, live life as well as you can.