Didnt sleep well :(

For some reason my symptoms seem to get so much worse in the evening !

I didnt get to sleep until late as it felt like i had bad sunburn everywhere .Ive always had a large patch on my upper back that burns but last night it was all over my legs arms and face .It felt like i was burning up (but no temp etc) such a horrible feeling and quite painful when its everywhere .

Does anyone else get this ?

Sam x

Burning’s really common :frowning:

The best non-med thing I’ve found to help is ice packs. I have a few big ones that I rotate from leg to freezer as needed.

The real “cold” signal interferes with the fake “burning” signal.

Karen x

Oh thanks Karen i will try that tonight as no doubt ill start burning up later .

Im taking amitriptyline(20mg) ,but i dont think my doctor will give me anything else, will prob have to wait to see the neuro .

Ive never had the burning as bad as last night .it really was horrible :frowning:

Sam x