Burning skin

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone else has feeling of their skin burning on the inside? There is no inflammation or infection just and awful painful/sore burning feeling. I have emailed the MS Nurse but if anyone has had this feeling how did you manage to control or get rid of it please?

I am at the end of my tether with this relatively new horrid symptom. I presume it’s a type of neuropathy ??

Also has anyone had a feeling of vibration in their lower back/pelvis? It’s a very odd feeling almost like a mobile phone in my back pocket (infact I frequently check that it isn’t there)

Thanks as always.

Syd x

hi syd

i convinced myself that it was dry skin that caused any dermal discomfort.

i would put a moisturiser on and within minutes it would feel better.

obviously a mental ruse but it worked.

i do in fact have very dry skin.

hope it works for you if you give it a try.

just one of the moisturisers used for baby eczema.

Hello Syd

It does sound like a form of neuropathic pain. Maybe the type that Amitriptyline would/could help with?

And the vibration type feeling sounds like a kind of tremor?

Maybe talk to your MS nurse (assuming you have one) and see what s/he says about both.


Thank you all for replying I will ask about the Amitriptalin. It’s interesting you mention a tremor Sue I have never thought of it that way!

I have messaged my MS nurse in hope of help but I am inbetween diagnosis so fingers crossed

Thanks again Syd x