Tingling, burning head~~advice please

The past few days Ive been feeling a tight feeling across my forhead and the top of my head is tingling and burning, driving me crazy. Also, feeling this on side of face, but this comes and goes. Can anyone tell me if they have had this and what can be done to help ease it. Ive been diagnosed with MS for a year now and Im used to getting weird feeling in my legs, feet and arms, but never my face or head. Im on Amitriptyline at night but  it obviously isnt helping with this. What would cause this? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Heather

Hello Heather,

I would contact your MS nurse, gp or consultant, I have had the tingleling in my head which has been very sore to the touch but not the burning feeling, I am not taking the drug you are taking so cannot comment on that, I have rrms. Really think you need advice from professionals.

Janet x

Thanks for your reply Janet. I have RRMS too, and this is something new for me. Will speak to MS nurse tomorrow, hopefully she will be able to advise what I can take that will help ease this.

Thanks Claire and Tracy for your reply, glad to know Im not alone. Saw MS nurse the other day and she says it is a new flair up. Im just upping my amitriptyline at night and will start gabapentum if it doesnt die down. My folate level is low so will start supplements and blood results still not settled since steroids, now finished over 4 weeks agao. Hopefully once I get my blood sorted it will make me feel better. One can only hope tomorrow will be a better day........keep :)   Heather

I get this on and off, its painful to brush hair etc.  Unfortunately its one of those things I live with.