Sensory symptoms

Does anyone scalp burn, I seem to be having this terrible burning sensation at night only. I normally have burnings legs and can cope but this is a joke.

I feel it is getting worse and spreading to other areas,

I have MS 13 years ( mild) no disability as in no problems walking but can anyone tell me waht can help. I aslo seem to be getting raised small spots slightly itched but the burning is unreal…

I take 75mg of Amptriplyine ( can not spell it right)

Thanks in Advance

I don’t want to scaremonger…but might be a good idea to get your GP to check for shingles. Just with you mentioning raised, itchy spots on your scalp…that’s exactly how my hubby’s started with a burning sensation in his scalp and a headache.

And it notoriously hits people with weakened immune systems.

Spots don’t tend to come along with neuropathic burning - definitely a trip to the GP’s needed I think. It could well be something like shingles :frowning:

If it turns out to be neuropathic burning and the spots are a coincidence then you could try ice packs as a temporary measure (I have big ones that I rotate between the burning bit and the freezer as necessary), but if it’s going to be hanging around for a while you could ask for something in addition to the amitriptyline (e.g. gabapentin or pregabalin).

Maybe see what your GP says first and then speak to your MS nurse for advice if necessary?

I hope it goes soon!

Karen x