Painful and sensitive skin :-/

Is there anything I can do about the skin in my right arm being really painful and sensitive? :-/

Hi Rebecca, Does it feel like sunburn? It could be neuropathic pain, I have had it a few times, feels sore just to touch it. Even clothes going anywhere near can be sore. Have you been prescribed anything like pregabalin or gabapentin? These may help. Perhaps a visit to your gp might be in order. J x

It does feel like its burnt. My clothes hurt it and touching it does too but there’s nothing there. I struggle to get to my gp so I’ve called my MS nurse so hopefully she’ll get back to me :-/

It is really unpleasant, hope the nurse can help you x

Hi Rebecca. Hope you get sorted out - I had this quite severely some years ago and it was horrible. Gp said it was shingles without the rash and prescribed amitryptiline for ‘post-herpetic nerve damage’ when the pain didn’t go away. Five years on diagnosed with ms and neuro thinks that could have been my first significant sensory relapse. I still have the sunburn feeling now on my left arm and sometimes leg but it’s mild and bearable so I don’t take anything for it at the minute. Seem to remember the amitryptiline worked last time but did make me feel a bit zombiefied! Take care x

Hi Rebecca, I too have this on my right arm, luckily it never seems to last very long, just a few hours, but it does feel burnt/sore even with clothes on it. I hope yours settles soon, Best wishes, Sue x

Hi Rebecca Yes I’ve experienced this a few times over the past couple years now, my most recent spell was the shortest lasting a few days, I was told it was nerve pain and I have been prescribed both amitriptyline and now Gabapentin, both helped ease the pain, equally when experiencing the pain it’s seemed to coincide with a relapse so I’ve also had a 5 day course of steroids which I guess will have helped further. It definitely is not a comfortable feeling and like you say a gentle touch or even your clothes make the pain worse - defo worth speaking to your ms nurse as they will be able to prescribe something little which will help. Good luck Liana