sore skin!

hi all,

i was wondering if anyone else has this, i noticed it first on my wrist/hand, i thought it was a bit of arthritis but i realised it was my skin not joints that was painful. i ignored it then i had a patch on my thigh that was sore and it seems to be getting bigger. i have in the last few days noticed a patch on my back as well.

the skin looks normal, the area is not “tender” i have not changed toiletries, the pain is just on the surface and underneath the area is not painful. i am taking gaberpentin among other meds but nothing new.

is this just something else i will have to put up with!

thanks for any thoughts lorraine x

Hi Lorraine,

MS has from time-to-time caused a sunburn-like sensation on my skin. There’s nothing the matter with the skin itself; the pain signals are caused by nerve misfirings.

The first time it happened, I was undiagnosed, and went to the doctor suspecting a blood clot (there’s a history of them in my family, and the pain was in my leg).

Doctor was a bit irritated, and thought I was a hypochondriac - sent me home with a bit of a ticking off.

I’m since diagnosed, and now know this was MS nerve pain (and had an apology from the doctor).



Hi Lorraine

I’m Sorry I can’t be much help but I can sympathise. I have this pain very often, usually on my thighs. Some days I can only wear soft tracksuit bottoms. Pain killers targeting nerve pain do help. Please speak to your GP, they can prescribe something.

Hope this helps.


Oh yes, I’ve had this only a few weeks ago, on my legs and where my bra sits - I presumed my bra was digging in and my jeans were too tight!!! then I seem to have had a relapse so, in my case, I presume it’s linked!

hi , thanks for the replies,

it is good to know that others have the same problem and i am not alone. i will go to my gp next week to log this new symptom as i dont have a dx. as gaberpentin is not helping with this pain do you have a medication that works for you?

lorraine x

Hi, yeah I get the ‘sunburn’ too… esp on hips and thighs.

Try Doublebase gel. You can get it on Amazon, at chemist or GP can prescribe. It does help.

Pat x