Sore skin ???

Hi everyone

Just wondering if any of you have experienced a sore skin feeling,I have the sensation on my back at the moment, its extremely uncomfortable I cant even stand the feeling of my clothes at the moment and its uncomfortable to sit back in a chair, very odd. Wondered if anyone knows of any medication that could help.Bottle of wine maybe!!!

love Debra


MS can definitely do this. With me, it is something that has come and gone (or almost gone) with relapses. Hope yours goes away soon.




I was prescribed gabapentine for symptoms like that and it seems to work for me fine. Hope you get sorted .


That was one of my first symptoms - a feeling like wearing pure wool next to your skin, a bit more severe than a tingling, but made worse by anything touching it. I’m also getting a variation on the theme of a feeling of nettle stings down my fingers. I find Nurofen helps.

Luisa x

Hi i take gapapentin for this feeling it was being controlled untill recently, now back with a vengance.


Hi Debra,

I got that it seemed to happen with a flare up its fine now but at its worst I couldn’t even take a shower it was so painful the water hitting my back was like someone sticking darts into your skin and even getting got out in the rain had the same affected I went away on its own I didn’t know at the time but along time afterwards someone told me I couldn’t have taken something for gapapentin I think its called I thought at the time it was something I had to put up with as part of MS.

Mark x

Yep, I’ve had it too. Pregabalin works for me.

Good luck!

Karen x

Hi, maybe you need to see a nurse/GP, to check for any broken skin.

My carer is keen to check my skin on a daily basis. If she sees any reddening, she puts Sudocream on it.

Don`t wanna be alarmist, but skin can break down and cause nasty ulcers, if not checked.

luv POllx

Yep, like Mark I couldnt take a shower as the water felt like needles hitting an already sore skin. Its sensory and can be calmed down with amytrityline or gabapentin.

Hope yours soon settles down. Also itching or burning is another type of sensation. I also get parts of my body with odd pains as if theyve been poked for days and are bruised.



Hi everyoneThanks for all your helpful replies,seeing my Neuro on weds will mention it to her xx

Yeah, poor you. It’s horrible and nobody can understand because they can’t see it. It’s sensory stuff that you can’t cure with a cream etc.

Clothes, a shower, even rain drops used to do that to me - like little knife prickles on my skin - and painful in the extreme.

Notice I said ‘used to’. Get some treatment to improve your symptoms and, in the meantime, there are painkillers that can help. (I don’t think paracetamol and ibuprofen are the answer so go and see your neurologist). Take care. x

yes yes yes!!!

I so know what you mean. My legs feel as though I have sunburn and any clothing rubs them. I spend my time alternating between skirts that do not rub then I put leggings on and they feel horrid. Problem is I am vain and want to wear what I want to wear not what is practical. Does any one know where I can get really soft leggings that I can wear with a smile not a grimace!!!