Itching skin

Does anyone suffer from itching skin?

I have patches on my body that really irritate. For some reason it is worse after a shower! I have changed hair and body shampoo etc to eliminate a the possibility of an allergic reaction, but no change.

My MS nurse did not recognise ‘itching’ as an MS symptom, she has not ruled it out and she suggested posting on this forum.



Yes-I recognise the sensation of itching to the extent I had bruises with hitting and bled with scratching trying to get some relief. Medication wise-Amytriptyline helps-non medication wise a towel that has been in freezer placed on affected area helped me short term.

Hope you find some relief soon-I was awake for 4 days without any sleep at all because of this ‘itching’ malarkey!

Ellie x

Yes I get episodes of itching sometimes too. Think it is a neurological thing cos unrelieved by scratching. On the positive side I noticed while in the shower I had been bitten 3 times on one leg. Hadn’t itched or anything as that leg is so numb just now I simply haven’t felt it at all! :slight_smile:

I had a problem with “itching” felt like my bones were itching as opposed to my skin!! Found that a hot water bottle helped.x


It was so strange reading your post re: itchy skin! I have had rashes on my arms, shoulder and back for over 7 weeks giving me such itchy skin. It has driven me mad as I can’t stop itching and scratching!

I have seen the Dr twice who has given me 2 x different steriod creams / gels. If they are working it is really slowly! I also have Dermot cream to bathe with. Like you if keeps me awake at night and I am so uncomfortable! I have never had this problem before but have and MS for nearly 20years. Just don’t know what to do!!! Sue xxx

I don’t understand why or how this MS nurse doesn’t recognised itchiness as a symptom of MS. I’d suggest she reads up on MS more or does more one to one meetings with people with MS so she understands that there are a variety of symptoms and this can be one of them. What she aught to be doing is looking for a solution for you instead of passing the buck.

;-o Mary

Mary, I quite agree. It is a bit disconcerting when someone who claims to have some expertise in MS is ignorant of such a basic and common symptom.



I have often given advice on this forum. I have had this itching for nearly 29 years, when I was pregnant with my daughter infact. I don’t know if it’s an MS thing but my cousin has the same and he doesn’t have MS (I hope). I could never use the shower and bathed it hot water with baby oil. I have been told it’s dry skin eczema and I have a wonderful product from my doctor called ‘Double Base Gel’. You slap it on after your shower and I also find using very hot water on your skin whilst you wash it off helps a great deal. A life changing product actually. Good luck.


Oh and PS; my MS nurse gets it too!

I didn’t even consider MS as a causing factor of this problem!!

My scalp has been so incredibly itchy for the past few months along with both my shins and my shoulders as well. It is so annoying and painful now from all the scratching!!

Although I know it’s horrible to have, my mind is a little more rested now I know that others are suffering from it!

All the best everyone - don’t scratch yourselves to death!! : )

I have just started gabapentin, and started itching especially after a shower! I know it can be a side effect of the meds but it’s strange it is worse after a shower! Just thought you might like to know you are not alone in your itching! Lol…very annoying though.

It’s my feet that get’s effected thye become so itchy ive made them bleed with scratching.

i have scars all over my arms and shins from scratching at random itches. Drives me crazy especially when my legs go numb i cause a lot of damage without realising so watch out for that. My gp gave me a moisturiser to help soothe the itching as a steroid cream for the cuts i made to stop any infection. If you want the names of the creams i use which help a bit (could be mind over matter sometimes) then i will glady get them for you.


Hi I also have very bad itching down the side of my face and also the side of my scalp. I am having a relapse at the moment and I am numb down the right side of my body so it’s hard typing this with left hand.

My MS nurse said the itching was a part of MS it can cause all sorts of sensations of the skin. I am suprised that your MS nurse said she had never heard of it?

I hope you get some relief soon, I am on Gabapentin.

best wishes

Jacquie xx

yes I’'ve had episodes of this, like you after a shower, dries me mad, thankfully I haven’t had it for a while, I find that I itch more than my hubby anyway, take care, Jean x

I agree with Corkie. Try ‘Double Base’ cream. Really helps a lot.

You can buy it (from chemists or Amazon sell in online) but GP can prescribe.

Pat x

Yep, intermittent patches of intense unrelievable itching, mostly on arms but has been elsewhere. The only thing I’ve found that helps is Canisten the thrush cream!! But as that’s really expensive I only use it when I’m desperate x

and a side effect of scars is … itching! A couple of mine are slightly raised and often drive me mad, esp if irritated by lining of clothes for example. Vicious circle! Some websites suggest Bio-Oil is good for scars, but I haven’t tried it myself

not so much an itch but at times my skin feels sort of sore. The only way to describe it is to say it’s as if you’ve been swimming and don’t have a shower to was the chlorine? off.


I mainly have an itch or a ‘tickly hair’ type sensation on my face. It’s horrible when trying to sleep but a low dose Pregabalin has knocked that sensation on the head.