Itching! I have had a problem with itching all over my body, scalp face legs arms trunk, it’s driving me mad. I went to doctors and she said to try Piriton tablets, which I’ve been taking,and to moisturise often which I do. But this itching is so severe I feel I could just tare at my skin infact I am bruised in places. Does anyone else suffer with this. My MS nurse doesn’t think it’s connected, I’m not so sure! Would appreciate your views, thanks.

I think you can get itching in relation to MS but I don’t think it is as generalised as you describe, i.e it would be affecting a specific area where the nerve supplying that area was damaged. I have a constantly itchy back and scalp (cause not known) and I just keep being told to moisturise and take anti-histamines, I found Piriton not to be effective enough and usually use Ucerax (although this does have a sedative effect). Annoying though isn’t it…

Try Doublebase gel. Available on Amazon or your GP can prescribe. It’s very good… read reviews on Amazon.

Pat x

PS… yes probably MS related. I get it too and so do others and is known as a problem with MS. Px

Thanks for that, I thought it must be connected in some way because sometimes when the itch is severe it can make me contort and nearly fall, although my MS nurse says its not connected? And I do use double base for dry skin, thanks for your help x

Hi I have problem with itching but it’s only my legs and like you I itch it that much I end up bruising, it was once so bad on my inner legs I actually looked like I’d been sexually assaulted - not attractive Sue x

MS itches are infuriating (and they most certainly exist, by the way) - I get fugitive ones that flicker through the thumb and forefinger of both hands, but you can never actually catch them because they flicker about, and there’s nothing to catch anyway because it’s just misfiring nerve signals. Running the affected area under the cold tap helps me no end, but that’s easy to do if it’s your hand. If I had something similar on a part that is not easily held under running water, I think I would try an ice pack.


Meant to say, for normal itches (as opposed to MS ones that are really a CNS problem rather than a skin problem), I find Eurax cream remarkably good. It is specifically for itches and it really works. Can be bought OTC.



I had itching all over. Turned out to be an allergy to perfumed shampoos. It was contacting the rest of my body because I wash my hair in the shower. I now use Simple shampoo and conditioner and have no problems. I also use a non perfumed soap.

I get this too and use Doublebase the same as Pat. Teresa xx

I get this too, especially my scalp it drives me insane. I feel like I want to pull my hair out. Anne x.

Thanks everyone for your help and advice, certainly will mention it again to my MS nurse. Jennifer

I had it on my arm just after dx.

Neuro said it should just go by itself but it took a while and nearly drove me mad. I also felt like peeling the skin off as just couldn’t get at the source of the itch!! so, in short yes it is a symptom of MS!!

Hope u feel better soon xx

Hi Jennifer,

I have had this really badly on occasion but have found that it responds really well to Pregabalin or Gabapentin meds…Hope you manage to alleviate this.

Mel x

I get intense iching up my back, its started in my legs as well where its pretty much unbearable but short lived. Usually I can block it by mild scratching or even rubbing, In my legs/feet, really intense itches can lead to violent twitches (restless leg?). Making myself feel a bit too cold stops any itching.

Me too! Forearms, torso,hips, and upper back. I often wake up in the night with it. It drives of nuts too. I did wonder if it was too much vitamin D3. Paul

Hi I had itching when I started on amatripaline tablets, it drove me made but then stopped. Dry skinj can also be from the food you intake such as spices and dairy products.

Good luck getting over it x