I don’t know if anyone else gets this feeling I keep getting itchy it sometime feel as if something is under my skin and I just scratch and scratch its not just on on prt of my body on my face it feels s of something is under my skin

I get a lot of itching for no apparent reason all over my body,more so to my arms and hands and face.

I also get the feeling that something is crawling under my skin like lots of tiny spiders but it just feels wiered and not itchy.

It appears many of us have this itchy skin and its a part of MS...

Ive tried creams,cool baths nothing helps.

when I was suffering with itching my GP recommended antihistamine tablets - like the ones you take for hayfever - they stopped the itching for me


I have had this for nearly 30 years, have recently discovered Double Base Gel, you can get it from your doctor, or buy it yourself from boots. You slap it on after your shower using quite hot water to wash it off before you come out. Before that I used baby oil in the bath; as there didn't seem to be any treatment that helps. 

I don't know if it's to do with MS, although called 'dry skin eczema; I have always wondered if it was to do with the nerve ends as there is very little evidence of dry skin. Lots of people have it, even my MS nurse. I've put him onto Double Base too.

Good luck it's a real pain.



My head itches all the time, it feels like creepy crawlies under my skin!  my GP and MS nurse don't know why so I just put uo with it now.

Its just one more quirky MS thing we all have to put up with. confused