Itching anyone??

Seems Ive got the wonderful Trigeminal neuralgia back… but my jaw and my head feels soo tickly and itchy, but as much as I scratch it just doesnt seem to feel like im doing anythin… Its like the tickle is too deep to reach or something…

…anyone else had anything like this… is this a ‘normal’ MS thing too??

Yes it is normal.I get that feeling under my skin as if soemthing is crawling under it and tingling and vibrations.


I have had this for nearly 30 years. I was told it was dry skin eczema but have always wondered as there is very little evidence of dry skin. I do think it is MS related as so many others have it too. I’d see your GP as there are some much better treatment out there.


I have it too, my spidy senses are tingling, must be what was up with spiderman.

-I usually get itching in very personal areas, for some reason last time my chest hence breast screening letters keep popping through the letter box. Im going to have one because any itching doesnt always mean its connected to ms, can be allergy, or a sign of another ailment.

Itching is very common in ms, burning, and that trickling feeling like youve wet your pants etc. Lovely aint it, unusual too.

I was prescribed amytryptiline to calm the nervous system down, ask for it if it keeps up.

Take care, hope it soon goes away



i get itching on my torso and sometimes my scalp. my gp prescribes double base because imy skin is so dry it is likely to develop exzcema. i never had this before ms so to my mind it is ms related.

carole x

Hmm, I get itching sometimes, and hives but I always have and Im quite in tune with it and know what causes it… but this is totally different and has only started in my jaw since the numbness and TN…

Last time I had the EXACT same thing in my shoulder when it went numb in my first attack…numbness went… itching gone. So it MUST be related then…

…odd anyway will ask MS nurse tomorrow.

Hiya…mine always starts when I get too hot.

I have never found anything that works other than distraction…and that is often when I’m busy stopping the bleeding from scratching too hard.

Hope your visit is a good one.


Hiya, I have an itchy face every day, with numb fingers doing the scratching, it can be very annoying. Dont know what to do about it, HELP…


Hi I always get it in my head, I constantly have to scratch, unfortunately I have my hair cut No1 so all the red scratch marks can be seen, it looks like I was mauled by an animal Mike