Itching symptoms?

Hello everyone,

For the last few weeks, I have been experiencing weird and uncomfortable feeling of itching. Particularly on my arms and hands (where I am already feeling numbness) and a little bit on my legs.

I was wondering if any of you have experienced this? I have not been diagnosed with MS (yet?) so I am not sure if it can be a symptom.

Thank you for reading and have a good day!

First of all, thank you for your reply to my (private) question regarding a possible connection to NL (NetherLands), I just wondered! Secondly, I fully understand your anguish regarding possible MS, especially as your neurologist has already indicated this. Yes, for me ‘itching’ certainly is one (of the many) symptom(s) of MS, which all comes down to, how shall I call them…, ‘irritated nerves’ (caused by being in the same position for longer periods). I suppose they will soon do tests on you regarding a diagnosis? Anyway, take care.

Thanks so much for your quick reply! I will mention it to the neurologist next time.

I too experience itching of my ‘numb parts’ (!) which are mainly my hands and arms. It’s weird as I can’t feel normal sensations there but can feel the itching intensely!

Hope you get some answers soon

take care x

Thanks so much for your reply Amy142! I feel relived that someone else experiences the same thing as me. I thought I was going a bit mad!

I will definitely bring it up in my next appointment.

Thanks again and I hope you are feeling ok.

My own experience is that MS itches are certainly a thing, but I would add that they really don’t behave like ‘normal’ itches that have an obvious cause like an insect bite or a patch of dermatitis. By that I mean that a a normal itch is totally relieved by scratching, even if only for a blessed moment before it starts up again. My MS itches are not like that. Scratching might (or might not) bring partial relief, but not properly - the itch feels as if it is flickering about under the skin and impossible to pin down properly, like lightning playing on the horizon. Which is fair enough, because it isn’t a ‘proper’ itch at all, just some damaged nerves misfiring and getting their sensory signals scrambled. The only thing that brings more reliable relief is running the affected area under a cold tap to cool it down. Like many of my MS things, overheating tends to make things worse and cooling makes them better. This is only my own experience - I have no expert technical knowledge. Alison

Hi Alison,

Yes, this is excactly how you describe it! Thanks so much! It makes me feel so much better to read about other peoplés experience. I will definitely try the cold water tip!

Regarding numbness, I have put my hands into hot water before to try to get rid of numbness thinking it would might be caused by the very cold weather this winter but I probably made it worste! Oh!

Thanks so much again!

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Alison, this ‘under the skin’ remark of yours certainly rings bells with me! Occasionally (…) I (fall a)sleep on the sofa, which is still not long enough for me (in spite of the ‘MS gained’ flat feet…). If I then drive a car (thank God that so far I have still been able to do so!), for example to give my son a lift to college, I almost explode of ‘inner shoulder itches’! As soon as I am on my own on the way back, I literally go nuts because of those ‘unreachable’ itches! (glad that I can allow myself then to scream it out…my word! so unbearable!). As soon as I am home, I do exercises with my arms, involving my shoulders as much as I can. It then seems to disappear after a while…, and I feel ‘able’ again to check my emails… Take care all of you, regards Jos.

Hi Itching drives me nuts - especially at night! Sometimes it’s an itch, sometimes it’s like a needle stabbing me and sometimes it’s like a zap that makes me jerk! Quite distressing when I struggle with insomnia at the best of times - not fun eh?

Talulla, yes…, let’s not forget about having a good sleep during the night! The fatigue, apparent all day, seems to take away the need for a proper sleep during the night! BTW, I get heat pads from ‘the’ supermarket (the one starting with capital ‘T…’ and they give you a lot of relief (not to be attached directly to your skin BTW2…). Might worth a try?

I’ve just been diagnosed yesterday and have been getting the itching around my back and waist for the last month - I totally sympathise with you all!!

It is, as you say, “under” the skin and bounces back within seconds of a good scratch!!

I am due to try Nortriptyline soon on advice from Neuro so hope it may help with this, as well as nerve pain and insomnia!