Hi I was recently diagnosed with ms and am still learning about it. But I have a random question does anyone else experience intense itching? I ended up taking layers of skin of my leg with itch as that leg is numb at the minute I didn’t realise until the next day. I am now experiencing an intense itch in my other leg and was wondering is this a symptom or something else causing this?

Hello Yes, I get horrendous bouts of itching, usually at the top of my arms. I believe it is a symptom of MS. X

hello. I had horrible itching for 3 days last week. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction but hadn’t had anything unusual. I’m learning everyday that more of my ailments point to my ms xxx

P.S. Eurax anti itch cream’s a life saver x

Hi Steph! I’ve got a bucketful of invisible fleas that bite the hell out of me!! And the odd invisible horsefly (much bigger bite!) and loads of bed bugs thrown in too!!!

I’ve also got a patch at the bottom of my neck that goes totally nuts - I’m always cutting out clothes labels or blaming it on a mole or something and asking people to look to see if there is anything there - there never is - it’s a horrible irritating bloomin itch too!!!

I do have one patch though that is on the left - under the bra line - now that’s perversely a crackingly satisfying itch!!! I’m too stiff to reach it but I love to rub against the sofa or up the kitchen door or force my poor hubby to do ‘scratchies’!!!

Not such a nice itch when you are in a meeting though! Then it’s utter torture!!! xxxjenxxx

It can be to do with MS, or it can be dry skin eczema; (lots of people get this with and without MS) I have been suffering with this for 29 years and have recently (in the last couple of years) been given Double base gel and Double Base shower gel. It works brillantly, just slap some on after showering. It is also beneficial to use quite hot water when you do this, as for some reason the hot water seems to help too.


Hi Steph

I came onto the site today to ask the very same question. Not yet dx but have been scratching a lot can go from back to legs and arms. Recently it is my scalp in a few places but especially above my right ear, people probably think I have head lice.


I have never suffered from dry skin or anything like that so that is what made me wonder was it to do with ms. The itch seems to be on my shins, arms and back. Im literally tearing the skin of myself (legs are covered in plasters to stop me) but I think I will try that cream and if that doesn’t work the shower stuff because the last thing I want is scars everywhere - I have enough reminders as it is.

Oh I’ve got to laugh at this one. Thank you I thought I was going mad I’ve even checked myself for nits this very morning ( for about the third day running I might add) and to no avail there is nothing there but I itch like mad. Its driving me crazy. Thank you so much for posting this at least I know Im not alone.

DL xXx

Steph - another thought - have you started any new meds recently??? xjenxx

no i am on pain medication for another problem that would make me itch but not to this extent and i have been on that for years. It is driving me crazy! Also it hurts my mum to see what mess im making of myself when i itch so i need some help.

I was going to ask the same thing as well! The other thing I’m getting is that my tattoo’s have swollen and itch like crazy!

i have tattoos but none of them are bothering me although i am tempted to get a new one on my leg thats numb ha ha. Just got e45 itching cream so will see how that goes.


This was one of my first symptoms. I made my legs black and blue with thumping them and made them bleed with the scratching. Amytriptyline and towels that had been in the freezer did help me get some relief-towels more or less immediately, medication a few days.

Cooling rather than heating the affected area sometimes helps-but like most things with MS, one solution most definitely does not fit all.

Hope you find something that suits you.

Ellie x

I was on amytriptyline for nerve pain in my hip and back but came off it as it wasn’t helping the pain. I never knew this would be a symptom just thought I’d randomly ask! I have one huge scar and two new ones coming after scratching! The numbness in my right leg is starting to wear off so I can no feel the results of my handiwork :frowning:

also does anyone else get a really itchy nose for no known reason and i mean REALLY REALLY itchy

Not my nose but the roof of my mouth…I have to try and itch it with my tongue lol x

I get that as well and it drives me mad. I have been known to use a pointy chip to scratch it before now

I get itches, yesterday I made my leg bleed as it was driving me nuts. I feel like I’ve got fleas, but there are no bites or patches of irritated/dry skin.


I get that as well and it drives me mad. I have been known to use a pointy chip to scratch it before now

[/quote] Sounds painful lol…but then tbh, it gets so bad that I might have to give it a try lol x