Feels like bugs under the skin

Hi in this hot weather or just MS does any one else get the feeling that the have something under the skin, also along with this its the itching, at moment am also getting pin feelings in my legs were as the crawling feeling this is in my arms, I am also getting the feeling that my feet are on fire, I am taking anatriptoline at a 75mg dose. The thing is I can’t get any help from my MS Nurse and my consoltant as I have also dealing with breast cancer which I’m two thirds through my treatment I just have radiotherapy to go, but the only thing I get from MS nurse and consoltant is that they are not even going to look into what’s going on with my MS as that doesn’t matter, just feels like I’m alone on the MS Any help or advise on the buggy feeling and the burning feet

Oh sorry to hear you have got two battles on your hands. Not sure I can help much but ms does seem to have many strange symptoms. I had burning patches early on and more recently a fizzy sensation like a popping of tiny bubbles under the skin, which sounds similar to your crawling sensation. I know lots of people describe a crawling sensation but not sure what medication would help with it. Maybe the doctors don’t want to introduce any new meds while you are having treatment for your cancer but must be very frustrating. So not much advice i am afraid, so sending hugs instead. Mish x

hi there sorry to hear of your problems,i,ve suffered from the itchie crawley feeling .i used double based gel it helps .dosn,t completely stop it but certainly calms it down.

take care i hope you feel better soon ,good luck with the cancer .look after yourself.