Crawling/ Itching. Any tips to alleviate ??

Please can someone help. Been diagnosed a few years and on Aubagio Oral drug once dauly

new symptom the past two days that is sending me insanxe

i get a crawling sensation throughout my whole body. Then Random places itch severely

I haven’t slept in 2 days. Waiting to hear back from my MS Nurse but wondered if

any of you have any tips on how to deal with this. ??

i have felt this before but only for a fleeting moment. Now it is basically continuous.

Have to have water cold for a shower as any heat burns.

Many Ups would be really appreciative xoxoxoxxo

itching is a symptom of my ms.

amitriptyline eases it but zonks me out.

moisturising eases the itch temporarily.

considering that it is just fake messages being sent by faulty nerves, i tried confusing it by putting ice packs, then heat on the affected area. this works sometimes.

try a few weird tricks yourself and let us know if any work.

DON’T scratch!!

carole x

Thanks for your reply. My MS Nurse and doc got me Baclofen and Gabapaentin

so I am really hoping this helps cos I am going insane. Haven’t slept in days :frowning:

I will try the ice packs and heat (although I can’t handle heat much ATM)

hope you are as well as you can be x