can anyone help? not MS related as such

Just asking if anyone has the feeling that ants are crawling all over you when there is nothing there??? My father-in-law has very bad health and neurological problems amongst other things and experiences this ( as have i) and was wondering if theres a name for it and what he could take to stop it?

I told him it would be a neuro/ nerve thing but would ask on here as you guys are a font of knowledge and advice and the best place to ask any suggestions gratefully welcomed

Kate x x

Hi, it’s funny you should post this, I was at my MS clinic a couple of week’s ago and I saw the nurse I told her about this feeling crawling up my head just on one side, she told me this is to do with the nerves, it’s a weird feeling, mine lasts a few days, goes away and then returns, hope this helps. Jean x

Thanks Jean. I thought it might be to do with nerves! Will tell him to see if his Dr can give him anything. Kate


Yes I get this feeling. It is a pain if you get it in the night. Just another one of the MS annoying symptoms.

Hope this feeling soon clears up for you.

Shazzie xx


I get this in my legs every evening when I am sitting down watching tv. I thought maybe it was something to do with the Amitriptyline as it happens after I take that

Jaycie x