Sunburnt back is back again

About a year sgo I had a sunburnt back sensation. It finally went away after a few months. This week I have been doing yoga poses. Stretching my back and arms out/high. Now the sunburnt back is back again. Hopefully it will go away again.

Aw poor you, it must be really uncomfortable :frowning: I get a hot head and spine at times, which feels really hot. Could it be similar? Seems like nerve damage. I hope you lose that sensation soon. Meanwhile, perhaps a cool pack or similar would help ? X

I had a lot of tingling, burning and numbness on my left thigh which has now subsided somewhat but sometimes reappears now in the guise of a sore, surnburn type feeling. Quite unpleasant isn’t it?

I am taking Gabapentin for this, nearly at the highest dose and the burning in my feet is still there, making it difficult to walk, although it does help a bit. I am told there are other drugs to try, so you should contact your MS nurse or doctor about this.

Wendy x

OMG Wendy… I have had terrible burning feet for a few years… Is that another MS thing?

Tracy x

It sounds like it Tracy. I have had quite a few numb places on my feet and the residue seems to be the burning feet. A phone call to the MS nurse or a trip to the doc’s is probably in order.

Take care

Wendy x

Thank you… Will mention this xx