My leg & feet are still burring more & more, anyone get this ?

Hi All I don’t have an MS diagnose, though I have been given a working MS diagnose, plus White spots found on my MRI, Evoke test came back negative, had a LP canceled half way through it as he could not get into my spine (don’t ask, bloody nightmare). Since April this year when I first started to get symptoms my right thigh & both feet (soles) burn really badly, the summer was a nightmare, I thought it would ease off with the weather cooling now, how wrong was I, they are getting worst that I can’t walk on them now after a few mins, so am back to the wheelchair :frowning: How long can this go on with my leg & feet ? I thought as time passes the leg & feet would get back to normal, this has been seven months now, is this normal ? Going to see a different Neuro tomorrow, I no he’s going to send me for another go at a LP and flog me off, am getting really cheesed off now as I have not had one answer to anything that’s happened to me since April 11. Thanks in advance.

Hi Stephen

Welcome to our world. I have had burning legs and feet for around 10 years now but fortunately for me it has not been that bad. Although I don’t like standing on my feet too long.

The burning I had in my legs has gone off and other burning has replaced it. I have never asked for drugs but I know there are drugs out there that can help.

At one time I worked in a very cold office and I used to joke that the buring legs kept me warm. That was before I knew what was wrong with me. I was told by a physiotherapist that it was caused by my back and if I did certain exercises it would go. He got rather cross when I insisted that it hadn’t gone but as I said the burning in my legs has ceased now.

Good luck with it, I’m sure your GP can give you something for it.

I’ve been under my pain clinic recently, if you have one near you should ask for a referral, I have found them to be very helpful.


There are all sorts of things they can give you for neuropahic pain. If your GP is switched on, he/she should be able to help. But if you are seeing the neuro then the best thing is to ask him/her and get them to prescribe something for you; then the GP can do your repeats. Don’t suffer in silence. It can be a long slog finding out what’s the matter, but that doesn’t mean you have to soldier on with problems that can be helped symptomatically without needing to know exactly what’s causing them.



Hi Wendy Thanks for the reply, I have had my back ruled out as they first thought I had a trapped nerve nothing showed up and the pain clinic Dr referred me to Neuro. Thanks again.

Hi Alison. Thanks I will be speaking up more tomorrow as this is my fourth appointment with Neuro now I left it to allow him to get on with things, but their has been no progress so it’s time to start pushing now I believe. Cheers.