burning pain in feet

Morning peeps

I need some advice on what to do and take. My feet burn,especially when im on the bus coming home from work. Its so painful. I take amptyline 70mg at night and Baclofen 20mg. This dousnt help one bit. Cannot take Gabpentin,as i had a severe reaction to it.

Im seeing my neurologist on the 22/5,and will mention it to him, But in the meantime i was wondering what other people take and what they do.



hi kim

what sort of shoes do you wear?

i ask this because i definitely have burning foot pain except when i’m wearing my new shoes.

they are Reike anti stress

look good and comfy

carole x

Hi, I see my neuro next week and have the same problem. My pain is in my heels when it touches the bed clothes.

Pregabalin hasnt helped.



I wear CosyFeet shoes, they help with the swelling,but not with the burning.

I get a burning feeling in my left foot, its kinda been brushed off when i told my doctor and nurse. It started the begining of the year. To be honest mine isnt sore, but its happening more and more. I guess its prob related to my ms, but not really sure

Hi Don’t know if this is the same thing, but I get really hot feet sometimes. I use Deep Freeze which can help take the edge off, either the gel or spray (you can get it from the supermarket).

But the most effrective thing is to put them under a cold shower for a few minutes,or fill a big bowl with cold water and soak my feet in that for a bit. When I’ve done that I sometimes use Aftersun cream on them too.


my husband’s feet are always freezing and i have spent many years telling him to keep them to himself.

however now we have a fair exchange agreement - i put my burning feet on his freezing feet and its bliss!

carole x

Hi, I’ve developed Secondary Progressive MS in the past 4 years or so. Symptoms are all sensory. Burning pain from the MS hug that I’ve managed pretty well to date. Unfortunately in the past week the symptoms have gone crazy - very painful stinging sensation on top of the burn. So I was wondering whether anyone might have a coping strategy that I haven’t tried. Andy x

Hi Andy

You might do better by starting a whole New Thread (see the button above all the existing thread titles). This one is quite old and relates more to people who suffer burning pain in their feet which if your burning pain is part of your MS hug symptom, would be a different matter.

Have you tried Amitriptyline for the burning pain? It works on some kinds of burning pain, but round the ribs might be different.

See what other people who have long standing hug symptoms think.