burning heels

My heels and lower legs are burning in bed at night. I’ve tried Gabapentin and Pregabalin but this just makes it worse. Has anyone got a way of getting rid of the pain without medicines?

I know you said ‘without medicines’, but have you tried Amitriptyline? It calms the nerves that give you burning legs.

Otherwise, there’s literally cooling your legs down, using a spray like Magicool, or something like Polar Ice (other brands of cooling gel and spray from your supermarket or chemist).

Or a cold pack? I’ve got a kind of cold wrap thing, you get it wet and it instantly turns into a cooling sheet (from Amazon probably).

Or take an actual snowman to bed?!?


Hi, I use a fan , I have it directed at my feet and legs and find the cooling sensation distracts from the burning, it might not work for everyone but thankfully it helps me, may be worth a try .


I make compresses

I use a blanket cage. It keeps the blankets off my legs which helps to keep them cool. If i dont use it i cant sleep. the weight of the covers make my legs hot. this keeps them cooler and its a much better nights sleep. My doctor ordered it for me from OT years ago now when i first started my journey. I told her the covers seemed to make my legs worse, i got home an hour later there it was lol.

I love it. never went away without it.

Actually sure i have a spare folding one someone bought me, i am happy to send to you to try it out.

Hi, just joined the forum. Hello! Diagnosed with benign MS in 1990 not been too bad just plodded on like we do. Retired early @55 cos fatigue playing a major role in my life. Feeling very low at moment don’t seem to fit in anywhere. Invisible symptoms - look too healthy to have ms and not fit or able to join mainstream activities cos I get so tired. Feeling cheesed off with myself and life. Thanks for listening x

listening is something i can do because it doesn’t involve standing up.

i won’t remember what you said.

if i try to reply it will come out as a load of rubbish in a mumble.

hey well i must use it before i lose it!

i chat to old people because they have more patience.

Hello, and welcome to the Forum.

A little talked about, but very real aspect of MS, is isolation. Once we have been forced out of employment there is a serious risk of being left out of society.

It is important to make an effort to participate in some activity where you can interact with other people. You can choose the level and frequency to suit your own budget and energy.

Look for a MS group in your area. If you have an interest or hobby you could join a day or evening class. Could you manage two hours a week? The point is not so much to improve any skills but to interact with people with whom you share a common pastime. This Forum creates another outlet for interaction and provides an platform to share ideas and frustrations.

It’s a commonly heard irritant of “but you look so well”. This is why MS is called an invisible disease. It takes a lot of empathy and understanding to understand this aspect.

And that’s what this Forum is so good at. Empathy, sympathy and understanding is it’s major strength so please join in. I hope you get as much out of it as I have.

Best wishes,


Hi, I take Gabepenton, but I’m now on 1500mg a day without any relief so coming off, I’ve also tried Pregabalin, no good, so I use cold pads, much better than the meds, although now I will look at one of those cool wraps that SSSSue’s talking about, good luck, x

Amitripyline made me really dog tired. I think the cooling ideas. Thanks!

Thanks for that… I’m going for all the cold ideas at the mo but nice of you to offer x

I’ve taken to writing poetry. I can escape from the goings on or just write anything about how you’re feeling. Really helps me take my mind off ms. Good luck. Might put a poem on here!

Thanks for all your replies. The cold ideas are going down well. My bedroom smells of peppermint thanks to the spray I use. It’s good for the middle of the night and the cold wrap to begin the night with

So here’s the thing! As my feet were so cold in bed at night, I took to wearing socks and hey bingo, the burning has stopped! Well almost, but it’s heaps better, so I’m sticking with it!

Well done Jules, you’ve managed to sort out your burning hot feet by warming them up (whoever said MS obeyed the laws of physics - not that I ever claimed to understand them!) and changed your username. Snow no more.


Yes, all good here Sue. Snowman gone, Jumping Jules jumps in!!! My feet are happy!