Burning in feet and legs

Burning feeling in legs and feet

Hi everyone

Does anyone take drugs for this and what have they been given? I do get this myself but find if I sit down the burning feeling in my feet subsides, so don’t want drugs myself.

My friend however is having really bad burning in legs and it often stops her from sleeping. She already takes Amitriptyline and Lyrica, I belive I’ve heard of Gabapentin being given as a treatment but my friend hasn’t had any success with that either.

Thank you for any information.

Hi Wendy

Has she thought of keeping the area cool? I say this cos when my lower limbs burn up I place a towel thats been in the freezer on them. Not for long and I dont suggest u wrap the towel round the feet. Maybe dipping them in cold water would help? Its not about making them cold but further confusing the messages thats being sent to the feet. Some temp relief perhaps?

I appreciate this stuff is difficult to do whilst in bed but maybe beforehand?

Sorry I cant be more helpful!

Ellie x

Thanks for that Ellie, I didn’t think of that! I’ll let her know.!