Anyone got tips to help with burning feet ?

Hi All. I have had the burning feet (both feet) since I got struck down with RRMS in April this year. Normally they are sore but bearable, since yesterday they have been killing me can hardly walk on them, even sitting down doing nothing they are very painful, am actually dragging myself around due to the pain. :frowning: I am on Nortriptyline 50mg (this can gradually go up to 150mg a day), am just wondering if others get this burning and have they any tips to help sooth my feet to help take away some of this pain, it’s even keeping me awake at night. Thanks in advance. Stephen.

I know it seems barking - but when my legs play up at night I try a hot water bottle on the burning area. Worth a try?

Hi there Stephen

I get burning feet and they can be painful at times, as well as burning legs occasionally. Personally I do not walk a lot these days and find if I put my legs up the burnign subsides and I don’t want to take any more drugs if I can help it but I believe there are drugs out there such as Gabapentin that you could use for this. I’d suggest you get in touch with your MS nurse or see your GP about pain drugs.

Good luck with finding something.




I know it seems barking - but when my legs play up at night I try a hot water bottle on the burning area. Worth a try?

[/quote] I normally get up and stand on the cold tile floor in my bathroom that helps a little but I need to sleep. :slight_smile: I will keep the hot water bottle in mind. Thanks SGT. Wendy am going to go back to my GP after the holidays and speak with him, this pain is becoming unbearable now. :frowning: Thanks Wendy.

You need to change the sensory input for your feet;

Rubbing them gently on soft carpet,anything which helps

Soft insoles,different shoes bigger shoes,no socks

Keep them warm,but if they get cold use a hair dryer to warm them up.

Patches of different types of tape. Gaffer,masking,packing etc

I spout like this 'cos my feet are appalling,and as the pain increases my mobility worsens, and now I can just about transfer from/to,the bog,telly seat, the buggy,home made wheel chair et al.

I am on morphine patches,Duloxetine,Gabapentin,Ginger wine,Marlboro Lights and Kannabis.


PM me if you can bear any more [Filtered naughty word]

Thanks Wb I will look at my insoles, shoes ect; I have a funny feeling that it’s just the sensories pain getting worst, as it’s slowly becoming worst now and I have been wearing the same shoes in the summer & other shoes & boots in the winter, I need to get different med’s to see if they help. Cheers Stephen.

I use big ice packs - I keep half in the freezer while I use the other half and switch as required.

Pregabalin has reduced how often I have to resort to the ice though. Given that you have the burning all the time, I would think you need to ask your MS nurse about a change of meds.

Karen x

Hi Stephen

I get this, especially in the morning - it often wakes me up with the burning, and can make my legs spasm. I find the most effective thing is to put them under a cold shower for a few minutes. My legs will spasms like crazy at first from the shock of the cold, but then they soon calm down and the cold water soothes them. Today I had the idea of using aftersun lotion so I’ll see if that makes any difference. You can also get Deep Freeze gel or spray (by the people who make Deep Heat). Somewhere like Boots or Superdrug stock it so that might be worth a go.


Thanks for the replies, will be trying some of the suggestions. Cheers. Stephen.

Hi Stephen,

I was just wondering is it hot to touch or is it all in your head?

I get a freezing cold right foot sometimes its burning hot aswell but 9 times out of 10 its freezing but when I touch it, it feels normal I’ve been putting up with it since the end of 2006 its bad throught the day but its at it worst when I go to bed.

I was with my MS nurse about 4 weeks ago and we where just talking and it came up about the problem I was having with my foot she said there are pills for that they work for some but not everyone so I tried them. There called Gabapentin 300mg, for the first week I took 1 every morning it was great for the first time since 2006 it was normal (well my feet anyway lol) but around 5 or 6pm they started up again the 2nd week I take 1 in the morning and 1 again in the evening now I sleep right throught the night without them playing up :slight_smile:

I don’t know if that’s the same problem as you but I’m sure if it could help you’d give them ago.


Mark. They burn like hell, but when me or my wife touch them, they feel normal, I got her to feel them incase I was not feeling the heat. Am going to see about it this week to get better med’s. Thanks Stephen.

But just be aware that you can give yourself frostbite when using icepacks if applied too long, especially if poor circulation or sensory problems.