Burning Legs

Hi not sure if you can help I have constantly burning legs even if my feet are cold can anyone help ? xxx

I cannot help sadly, other than to say, you are not alone.

I frequently endure a ‘hot sock’. I theorise that it is associated with fatigue / tiredness.

Are you getting enough sleep?

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Go to your GP ask for Carbamazepine tablets. They are excellent.

I’ve had them during 4 relapses for burning pain.

Get well soon.



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Sadly no one can, only medication, you need to see your neuro or GP and explain and they can prescribe you meds that will calm this down.

I have literally felt as though my legs were on fire then freezing, its part of MS sadly. I always check if i have a UTI when mine gets worse as quite often it comes alongside a UTI or a cold. Really sorry for you hun, its not pleasant. xxx

magicool spray works for my burning feet.

from amazon or tesco.

carole x

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thanks for that carole, i am going to buy some. x

Neuropathic pain apparently. I suffer badly with this, feels like someone has lit a fire under my feet & it burns constantly. I have tried every one of the usual meds, reacted badly to all. I’m now looking at spinal cord stimulation, which the pain consultant has put me forward for. It’s 1 of the joys of MS unfortunately, not all have it, but it’s a bugger for those that do.

I have the burning/cold stuff.

When I sit down, I put a blanket over my legs. It looks ridiculous in the summer. The window is open, I’m in a tee shirt and my legs are wrapped up like a winter parcel. If medication helps that’s great but I love my blanket.


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