Hot feet

I’m really suffering from hot burning feet these days. Lots of info on the web about how it’s relayed to nerve damage, which is cheerful(!). Can’t wear any of my normal shoes and socks out of the question. Disturbs my sleep too. Any suggestions? Have cooling peppermint spray but not very effective.

Wish I knew the answer Lynda. Mine are either burning hot or freezing cold… or one hot and one cold!

I haven’t found anything that helps for long. Sometimes I soak them in cold water (or hot water if they’re cold) but it only provides short term relief… but better than nothing.

I think I prefer the freezing cold to the boiling hot.

My feet always feel weird. They’re not like my feet anymore. They never feel normal.

Hope someone on here has got some tips,

Pat xx

Hi Linda,

I have frozen feet which causes cramps and spasms and burning thighs!

I hope someone comes along with some tips for you…I find bed socks and Eskimo type slipper boots help my feet but the only thing I’ve found to help the burning is Lanacaine cream and it’s not always successful…maybe worth a try, it deadens the nerve endings …so only really works if it’s surface nerves causing the problem.

Good luck, hope you find a solution,

Nina x

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Mine are either freezing or burning hot, there seems to be no happy medium for my feet, and very often they are painful too.

Sorry to say I have not found anything to help, II suppose it’s where the nerves are damaged.

Whilst talking of feet, when mine are in spasm, my big toe sticks upwards and the others flay out, and the pain then is awful. Thankfully baclofen has helped so it doesn’t happen quite as often.

I shaalll be interested if anybody does have any tips to help.

Pam x

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Thanks, guys. Am at the moment relying on just keeping feet stuck out from the covers in bed, and barefeet in the house!

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Iv’e had poor circulation for a few years even when its hot weather my feet are freezing i have to sleep with fleecy socks or even slippers and even then they keep me awake…that and needing wees all night im’ always shattered


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Are you doing the biotin, Michelle? Quite a few reports of it helping bladder control. I can go 8 hours at night now.

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My feet burn when I put them to the floor (especially the left one), I take Gabapentin which does help somewhat but keep having to increase the dose, currently on 2700mg per day. They are freezing cold when I lie down, so have to wear my bed socks in summer and winter.

Good luck with trying to find something that helps.

Wendy x

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Am seeing my GP on Monday about this and a few other things - have made a list in fact so will have to speak at double speed to get it all into the ten minute slot! Haven’t seen her since January.


Good luck, hope your GP finds an answer!

Nina x


Can I mention cold knees, I mean freezing cold.

I must say sometimes my feet do get cold in bed, never had the hotness you describe so cant offer any help.


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