Burning foot

I am RRMS currently relapsing with a burning left foot and ankle. It’s been going on now for a couple of weeks now. Brought on by stress which is work related. What I find is that my foot and ankle burn away quite happily. But then if more stress is heaped on me the burning intensifies. Do other people get this or am I just mad? Thanks Min xx

Hi Min

I get a burning foot sometimes, though it’s not stress related - it’s usually simply when it’s gotten too warm for whatever reason then ends up heating up too much, or sometimes if I’ve eaten too much salty it can go funny.

I use Deep Freeze gel or spray, or simply get a bowl of cold water to soak it in for a few minutes to get it back to a norma temperature.


No hun not mad lol.

I get it in my feet, ankles and shin mainly. Its called paresthesia an unsual sensation is very common in MS. It can also be tingling, tickling, prickling, pricking, fizzing etc.

I dont go a day without some of them or all of them. STRESS will make it worse without doubt.

Can you eleviate the stress at work? Stress is a no no for MSERS it gives them pseudo exacerbations so if you can sort the stress out the symptoms will get better. Hope it does for you. x

Thanks guys. Dan - I will get some deep freeze gel or spray. Golden girl - good to have a name parssthesia. Alleviate stress at work would be ideal BUT not possible - I work for the NHS and they have caused the stress!!! Thanks again and hugs Min xx

Are well that explains it lol. Can you do some meditation. I bought some tapes so when i feel really stressed (they are well used at the moment lol), it helps to calm me down. Also gentle Yoga is good too.

My feet feel like they are burning. They aren’t, but they feel like they are. Bizarrely they actually feel cold.

I realised that it’s probably nerve pain, not ‘real’ pain which explains why pain killers etc don’t work. I haven’t tried deep heat or anything, but I doubt they’d work if it’s MS pain - ie nerve pain.

I am now taking Pregabalin/Lyrica for nerve pain, and it’s actually helping quite a lot. I am titrating the dose up to find the dose that works for me. But I’ve been getting to sleep at night, every night so far :slight_smile: