Hi, I was told 2 weeks ago that I had ms. I have to wait (prob 3 months) to see a specialist. My only symptom is tingling. It seems worse on a nighttime. Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with it? It’s driving me mad! :/)

Hi gba

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Many of us take Amitriptyline for neuropathic pain which is commonly experienced as tingling or burning. I take just 10mg each night and it really helps. And for most people there are few side effects - a dry mouth in the morning being the most common. Have you seen an MS Nurse yet? They are very helpful in advising on symptoms like this. Whether or not you have access to an MS Nurse, your GP should have no problem in prescribing Amitriptyline so I suggest you pay them a visit.

Take care


Thanks so much Hilary. I haven’t seen anyone yet. Just on a waiting list. I will book to see my GP. Gemma