So fed up with my tingling hands!

I have recently been diagnosed with Benign MS. The neurologist did say that he didn’t want me to take anymore steroids (I took them for approx 2 weeks) and he wanted my body to right itself and that eventually the tingles in my hands and feet would eventually fade. However, the tingles in my fingers are still as strong as ever, some days are slightly better than others, but it is driving me crazy! Does anyone know how I can improve it or is it just a case of waiting it out? Any advice would be gratefully received!



The only things that I know of that can help with sensory symptoms are time, experience, meds and distraction. Time because some things get better over time. Experience because it’s amazing what we can get used to! Meds, such as amitriptyline, pregabalin and gabapentin (you could ask your MS nurse and/or GP). Distraction because the brain can only pay attention to a limited number of things at once so if you keep it busy (e.g. watch a movie, play video games, etc), it can’t process the sensory symptom as well so we don’t feel it as much.

I hope it starts to improve soon!

Karen x

This makes sense, Karen, thanks for your input. It explains why, I notice the tingling in my body more during the periods when I am not concentrating on other things. They always seemed worse at night, when your just lying there, waiting to go to sleep or waking up first thing.