Advice please


I am posting this to see if anyone can help. I was diagnosed back in October with benign MS and was adviced by my neurologist that time would help my symptoms and that basically I needed to play the waiting game. I have had permanent tingles and numbness in my hands, legs and feet but within the past few weeks these symptoms have got a lot worse. I take vitamin supplements such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Gingko but nothinng seems to help me. I have read that often changes in seasons can make MS symptoms worse, but I have no idea if this is true and wondered if anyonne else is experiencing a similar problem?

I am due to go back to see my neurologist at the beginnig of June, but am now feeling very sceptical as he never seems to be able to offer me any way of making this any better and charges me a fortune for the pleasure! I feel like I am fightinng a loosing battle so any advice, ideas would be very greatfully received!!

Many thanks to you all !!