Recently Diagnosed

Hi there,

Sorry if this is a bit long winded.

I have recently being diagnosed with MS. 4 weeks ago.

I’ve had strange “feelings” in my hands and finger tips for years , and actually had an MRI scan on my brain 2 years ago for these strange feelings, but the nuerlogist said it was clear and that my hand problems could be down to carpel tunnel, so I just shrugged it all off, however recently I started have tingling in my legs and lost the feeling and control of my right leg, plus my left leg felt like it was on fire, so I decided to visit my GP.

At first she thought maybe a trapped nerve or something simular, but was still a little concerned with my " sharp" reflex’s, and some of my other symptoms, then as soon as I mentioned that my sister and first cousin both have MS alarm bells immediatly sounded, so she sent me straight to my local MS clinic where an MS consultant looked again at my previous MRI scan and instantly noticed 2 faint lesions in my spine, which he thought had probably been there for years and that they were causing the problems with my hands and more than likely had either now got larger or another lesion had developed and was causing the newer problems with my legs.

He has booked me in for a new MRI scan, that I’m waiting to have, and took lots of blood, but he said looking at my symptoms and putting all the history together, along with the fact that my sister and cousin both have MS, he is almost sure that I now have it.

The MS consultant really did have a great bedside manner and offered lots of advice, and one thing he suggested was Vitamin D3, at a minimum of 5000iu per day, which I’ve started taking, but I’ve also been told that B12 & Magnesium is vitaly important to MS sufferer’s.

I dont have a B12 deficiency , but from what I can gather by reading up on the net even a slight drop in B12 is not good for an MS sufferer.

Does anyone else know if these vitamins should be taken and what doseage would you suggest.

I thought B12 & Magnesium came in different forms, so what type should we be taking ?

At the moment my symptoms seem to be easing off, however, I’m absolutley shattered, so would B12 help with this ?

I would appreciate any advice at all.

Thanks .