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Hello all,
I think I’m about to be diagnosed with MS, both my GP and Neurologist have told me that the MRI results point to MS, however I have to have a Spinal Tap to confirm in the next couple of weeks.
I’ve suspected for a couple of months due to the symptoms so it’ll be nice (not really) to have a firm diagnosis and perhaps start some treatment to help with the symptoms.
I have a ‘buzzing’ or ‘prickling’ in all my muscles especially my hands, a slight loss of feeling in said hands plus a loss of fine motor skills in them i.e. I find it difficult to write and am particularly clumsy - not that thats anything new really!
The symptom I’m struggling with the most is the overwhelming muscle fatigue. I’m back and forth at work, have enough sick notes to sink a ship with and struggle with the simplest of tasks - changing the bed takes me all day now as I can only do it in short bursts.
How do people cope with the muscle fatigue? Is there any advice out there, especially from people who struggle with the same issue. My GP has prescribed me strong Vit B tablets which I’ve been taking since the symptoms first arrived about 3 months ago.
Any advice most gratefully received!

Hi Jen, thanks for the reply
I also take Vit D, but only just started taking this, along with the Omega 3 & 6 - I’ve never taken so many vitamin tablets in my life. Oh, as well as Berroca! In my blood tests right at the beginning of this process, there was no deficiency in anything at all but my GP obviously thought the Vit B would help my muscles.
Hope you’re feeling ok, nice just to here from someone.


Take a look, and post, on Everyday Living (EL) where people tend to post helpful info to queries like this. Sorry not to offer much except to say I have given up on changing the beds as it is so tiring and ended up employing a cleaner, despite having 4 adults in the house (well, two are 18 and 20 and haven’t quite taken on board domestic responsibilities!). There are some useful publications by the MS Society and the MS Trust about ‘pacing yourself’ in order to achieve what you are aiming for. Things which are common sense really, like not taking on too much, and taking frequent breaks etc.

Best wishes, and sorry to hear about your impending diagnosis

B x

Hi Shirley, and welcome to the site :slight_smile:

Muscle fatigue is a really difficult one. I take modafinil for fatigue, but although it works brilliantly at keeping me more alert, it hasn’t been able to help me get less tired when I do anything physical.

I know this might sound completely nuts, but one of the things that seems to help a lot of people is exercise. Obviously you have to build it up slowly (and not overdo it), but it might be something you could try? Other than that, it is a matter of conserving your energy for the important things, not overdoing it, stopping to have a break BEFORE you get tired, asking for help more often, saying no(!) more often. It’s also worth checking that none of the meds you are on are adding to it.

Sorry I can’t give you a better answer :frowning:

Karen x

Hi to all the newbies

Hope the site really helps you all no it is for me

tracy x

Thanks all for the advice & the welcomes. I’m off work AGAIN today due to the fatigue.
Is being completely out of breath normal along with the fatigue as it seems to have been getting worse. I walked down the stairs this morning to feed the cat and had to sit down on the bottom step I was so out of breath and my muscles seemed to be screaming at me.
Is exercise really the best thing? I’ve never been a hugh fan! :?

If you are that fatigued at the moment, then leave the exercise for now. Wait until this bout of fatigue has eased off before starting. And start very slow and build very gradually. It really is good for us you know!

I also think you should not even be attempting to go to work just now. Can you get a nice long script from your GP? Rest is the only thing when fatigue is at its worst :frowning: It doesn’t tend to stay that way all the time - so keep hopeful!


My GP is a sweetheart to be honest, and has given me 1 months sick note a couple of times before (which I went back to work in the middle of because I’m an idiot) I felt guilty about the amount of time I was taking off and then ended up taking more time off because I’d gone back to work to quickly.
I don’t help myself do I!
I shall take your advice about the exercise, I’ll wait till the fatigue calms down before strutting my stuff - whatever that means!
Many thanks for the advice, I can’t get enough of it :smiley: