Persistent tingles seem to be back and some

Hi all…

my tingles had died down gradually over the last few months … but over the last week they and other bits seem to be coming back to a more permanent issue again… when I lift/stretch my arms they buzz, I’m pretty sure it’s in my back but I’m struggling to place the sensations and my left ear had a few days of being hideously loud (dr said wax in there and gave drops but surely that couldn’t make it loud?) and I’ve had a few days of exhaustion earlier in the week …

I have had a clean MRI in December but I keep coming back to ms … Have people had clean mri’s and gone on to have this? Does this sound like it could be … I’m swinging between going to the gp and not … I don’t want to look like a paranoid loon … My pain doctor has said he thinks it’s a functional problem but I have since learned that this isn’t a formal diagnosis as this should be made by a neurologist…I’m still waiting for him to get back to me to let me know if I can take pregabalin or gabapentin … Seem to have been waiting a long time to hear back from him …

I had started to feel much better but now I feel like it’s all coming back and starting again :frowning:

thanks x Emma x

hi emma

pester your doctor - you aren’t paranoid!

don’t get hung up on it being ms, believe me, you’re better off without this pig of an illness.

your GP should be someone you can talk to, someone who can help you manage your symptoms.

ask your gp about gabapentin/pregablin - these are prescribed for lots of people who don’t have ms.

make sure you aren’t deficient in B12 or D3.

buy a good B complex.

mindfulness meditation is excellent for helping you through difficult times.

good luck

carole x

Thanks Carole … I’m more than happy for it not to be ms i had got pretty good at ignoring it for a good while there but it is getting worse again, I just want an answer and this to stop - my feet have been buzzing and soles of feet sore (for want of better description) since September last year. B12 is fine but I am substantially d deficient and I’m on supplements (800iu per day as per doctor) … I will look into mindfulness thank you for the suggestion x

Are there any other supplements you would recommend? Dr has tested lots b12 vit c calcium magnesium prosperous all within range

thank you for reply X hope you are as well as possible x

Emma x


I have been back to dr. And informed him that the tingles are back big time, over the last 2 days I also now have pins and needles in my neck/back when I look down (chin to chest)… He said he will consider a re referral to neurologist if my symptoms get any worse… I have chased the pain dr. … Apparently I got lost in the system and I now have a telephone follow up tomorrow evening so will find out if I’m going to get some medicine to help control this buzzing…

my question I suppose is … IF (and I know that’s a big if) this turns out to be ms … Would this be a further relapse? And if so would it follow the same pattern of the last one? My mobility was badly effected last time … I didn’t get rid of the tingles last time although they reduced a lot - are they likely to go this time? Or return to the same recovered state or would the base line get worse??

Sorry I know you won’t have the answers to this … I’m just thinking out loud … X Emma