anyone think this is ms? i have had enough

Hiya im almost 30 for 5 years i have had tingly feet constantly had a mri 4 yrs ago all was fine apparerntly had blood tests etc was vit d deficiant last year all ok now, few months ago i started with tingly back constantly their like my feet fri it started in my face and yest in one of my arms, i have a mri on tue but its all im thiking of now as it seems to be spreading, it is like a buzzing sensation but in my arms more painful type of pins and needles, i do get tired alot but have a 5 and 2 yr old i kept putting it down to having children but now not so sure can any help, so so greatful many thanks x

It is impossible to say what is causing your problems at this stage but you are going in the right direction to finding some answers.

The mri may show something this time if you are having symptoms at the moment. It may show activity.

Having children is exhausting i agree and explains the fatigue. It does not however explain the other symptoms you are experiencing.

Good luck with the mri. Try to stay calm and i hope you get the help you need soon.

Take care


Thank you.

Im trying not to worry a few people mentioned ms and here i am it looks like it but know it could be number of other things, just been spreading last week thats more what im worried about in the arms its more pins and needles than buzzing like the rest of body that has tingles that feels like a buzzing sensation compared to arms, i am counting down til i get to tuesday, will they be able to tell their and then? 4 yrs ago when last had one if it was ms how would it not of shown if for some reason it could do this time? something must of showed up? x

sorry had to read that few times lol got ya. so because im experiencing all the sensations now more likely to show up? i do hope so! x

They will not tell you on Tuesday if they have found anything.

You will usually have to wait for a neurologist to look at the mri scan and they will ask you back for the results. It can take a few weeks so you will be playing the waiting game.

MS does not always show itself on an mri. Your first one may have been clear.

The more symptoms you are having at the time of mri - the more likely the ms activity can be seen. There can be ‘white spots’ seen on the brain scan with ms which are known as lesions.(scars)

I know it’s hard but you have to be patient and wait for the mri and results. This might not be ms and could be something easily treated.


Thanks trying to keep busy its so hard :frowning: tingling starting in other arm at moment not feeling positive at all. :frowning: x

Hiya I have stsrted with pins and needles in other hand few hrs ago. So in 9 days it went into face rhen right arm and hands now left hand :frowning: can it really go so fast spreading to diff places?

Good luck tomorrow!

Stay calm!

People with ms experience very different symptoms to eachother. I personally cannot relate to your symptoms. They are not famililar to me.

Remember - this could be something completely unrelated to ms.

Please keep an open mind.

I hope you get some answers to your symptoms soon.

Take care


Thank you. Scan is 7.45 this morn tad nervous jus need results thanks

All done. Said 3 weeks for results is this about normal? Said would take half hr was in bout 50 mins hoping thats all okx

Mine took 2 weeks so yes I’d say it’s normal.

Thank you. Was yours ms if you dont mind me asking?

Glad all went well!

Mine took 4 weeks. I suppose areas vary and depends on the neurologists work load at the time.

The scan can take longer sometimes, as they might have to repeat bits if you moved while they were doing it. (thats what they told me)…so i was as still as possible. I didnt want to stay in the scanner any longer than i had to!! :slight_smile:

Best wishes


I stayed v still as they said as start could blur the images. Arghh jus wish it was quicker to get the result. All I want to know after 5 yrs what is it I actually have!

Hi Emzie try and stay oatient even though it’s HARD! My MRI was 7 weeks ago and results not yet back - but I was expecting a big delay because the dept is short of docs. I hear 2-3 weeks is normal… Leah :slight_smile:

Oh that is awful feel for you hope you receive them v soon. Its hard isnt it always on my mind these days x

It is hard to forget, I am similar to you - in that it started in 2010, so quite a while ago, and got to the point where I put it to one side but Optic neuritis in Dec put me back on the merry go round again and trying to cope emotionally with limbo. I’m trying to think of it as this - each day I wait is another day I don’t know I have MS, or alternatively a day where I don’t have to focus on what my next step is. Hope the results are back soon… Leah :slight_smile:

:frowning: hopefully soon. Had blood tests yest not sure if that will pick up anything. They should be back Monday though x