Hi I'm new here.


I have been on the forums a few times to read everyone’s comments and you all are very friendly and helpful so I’m hoping I can get some advice.

For several months I have had reduced feeling in part of my right foot which is also in my right hand now to. It never seems to go away but the intensity changes from moment to moment. I notice it most when I’m driving. My left foot and hand occasionally tingles. I am convinced I have MS I have been very tired but put it down to running around with the twins and last few months I have not been sleeping or eating well. I don’t have any pain and I am able to carry on doing everyday things I’m just always aware of the numbness which then makes it worse!

My doctor thinks it is anxiety related and has put me in touch with the mental health nurse who I am seeing in 3 weeks time. All my blood test are clear apart from the ESR which was 35.

I went and saw a neurologist on Monday at a private hospital (luckily my husband has AXA through work) he did lots of physical checks and he said he was pretty certain it’s not ms. Apparently he has 40 years experience and is highly regarded in his field and specialises in MS. He has arranged a MRI for Monday and a nerve conduction test for tomorrow. More to put my mind at rest than anything else. He dismissed the high ESR saying it was non specific and the other inflammatory indicator was fine.

I Am working myself into such a state everyday getting upset and crying because I have 3 children to look after a 6 year old and 3 year old twins. I worry so much about the future, I know I shouldn’t worry until I’ve had a diagnosis but it’s hard not to. I worry about being able to afford the mortgage etc.

Hello Preeti

oh bless your heart, worrying is the worst thing you can do but until you’ve had all the tests you’re bound to.

The MRI should hopefully put your mind to rest.

None of us can say whether you have MS, for my two penneth worth you symptoms don’t fit the more common pointers.

Try to get out and take your mind of things for now, your MRI is happening very fast so that’s good. Have you had an MRI before for anything? If not, you will be unprepared for how loud it is in there. You can ask for earplugs (or take your own) and sometimes they offer you a headset playing music.

It’s nothing to be frightened of, you just have to lie still and the bed will take you in and out of the scanner.

Good luck, let us know when you get your results.

Ang x

if your legs have a tendency to cramp up, ask for a cushion under your knees, it makes the world of difference and is the only way i can lie still in the scanner.

sweetie, stop worrying because it just makes it all worse.

you most likely do NOT have ms.

everybody worries about their income and paying the bills, just don’t allow it to get out of hand.

what you can do to help yourself is to eat good food and have as much rest as possible.

spend time having mega double cuddles with your twins.

when resting lie down with them and nap when they do.

you have a lot going for you.

your twins sound adorable.

chin up girl!!

carole x

Hi Priiti,

To be honest sounds like your Hashimoto’s is playing up more than possible MS. See on my way out now speak tomorrow and stop worrying.


Oh Preeti,

I am so sorry; I somehow had it in my head you said you had Hypothyroidism; obviously, you did not; that’s the fault of me rushing to get out; sorry.

Your private Neuro seems pretty good and if he can’t find any indications. Your MRI and Evoked Potentials will show him much more. Lots of people have some sort of neurological flare-up in their life, it disappears and that’s it.

Pointless working yourself up into a lather; as Doris Day said ‘What will be; will be.’


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Thank you everyone for your replies.

My nerve conduction test was normal it was done by the same neurologist so he assured me it was all fine.

just waiting on the MRI results which will be looked at tomorrow I’m seeing him next Monday to the results.

My husband has been telling me for a couple of years he thinks I have depression but I’ve never done anything about it. I think both my doctor and the neurologist think its anxiety related but I don’t see how I can have constant symptoms even when I’m relaxed.

Unfortunately I keep checking Dr Google and its the worst thing I can do.

Wishing everyone a good weekend xx