Is it MS?


I am 33 years old and mother of 4 children.

I am feeling a little worried. Over the last 4 weeks I have experianced tingling in my left foot on touch only. I went to the doctors and he said to come back if it got any worse .Last week I returned to the doctors as the tingling sensation as appeared in my arms and hands as well as my feet. It is a constant tingling that is frustrating to say the least, but it there constantly. My legs feel restless too. The doctors prescribed me amptripline? to try and relieve the tingling. I have been taking them for 1 week now and the tingling feels worse than ever. Should I go back to the doctors? I dont want to appear like a hypochondriac but it is really bothering me now? What should I do, and does it sound like MS?

Thank you


Hi Angela,

I think that drugs like amitriptyline may take a while to start working. Maybe give it a few more weeks and if you don’t see any improvment then go back to the GP? If it is really causing you distress though probably best to go back sooner.

Have you been seen by a neurologist?

Laura x

Hi Laura,

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t been seen by a neurologist only the doctor. The tingling sensation is unbearable. I have made another doctors appointment 11am today, I can’t bear not knowing what is causing this. I will keep you posted.


Angela x

I went back to the doctors this morning and he old me to increase my amptripline tablets, he has ordered a blood test for fbc and tft, I need to go back in a further two weeks. Feeling frustrated.

Well it’s good news that the GP ordered some blood tests, things like low vitamin b12 can cause sensory problems. I know it’s frustrating having to play the waiting game, there isn’t really anyway around it though. I hope you get some answers soon and the increased amitriptyline helps. Laura x