What else can i take ?

At the moment i am just on amitriptyline ,but just wondered if there is anything else that i could take ?

I know all of you are going through the same or similar symtom wise,but i just feel so alone .Everyday i wake up and think hopefully the symptoms are not there anymore.8 weeks ago it was just pins and needles in my legs ,then my face .Now its all over my body at different times of the day .Its my face thats most annoying its very numb ,mainly one side and even all round my eye now and up to my ear,it feels so strange that i have to keep touching it .Last night my big toe was very numb as well .My body feels so over sensitive to the touch.

I feel like just to get up ,i have to think about it for a few seconds as my legs feel heavy ,not sure how else to describe it ?  All day i feel like im vibrating ,tingling or itching .Every week it seems to get a little worse at the moment .I know im just paniking for no reason, but i keep thinking im going to wake up and not be able to move a part of my body soon .I know im over worrying ,its just such strange feelings that i feel like i dont know my own body anymore.

from Sam


Hi Sam

If memory serves me correctly you've been on amitryptiline for about a week now haven't you?

It can take a while for a drug to 'get going' so unless you're having any nasty side effects than maybe give it a bit longer first before thinking about trying something else. But on the other hand if the ami is making you feel worse then don't dilly dally in speaking to your GP or neuro - that's what they're there for. 

I think most of us have worries and doubts about our futures and what we'll be like when we wake up tomorrow or the day after - these feelings are perfectly natural but probably even worse when still in limboland because we just don't know what's going on confused 

I whipped myself up into a right old blue funk towards the end of my diagnostic stage. I think all the worry and stress had been bubbling away all that time and just had to come out! So if I was to suggest anything it would be to carry on with life as best as you can whilst still listening to your body. Rest before you get completely pooped out and if possible, confide in relative or close friend about what's going on - support is important.

pm me anytime

Debbie xx




Thanks Debbie :) im just having a bad day today thats all.Just feel very dizzy and my vision is not good.Its hard because my kids are off school and obviously dont understand im not feeling great .

The ami is helping me sleep but thats all not helping any symtoms at the moment ,ill just keep going with it .

My mum is funny she thinks im ,tingling ,numb etc because of the air waves of my mobile phone .My husband is good ,but i dont want to tell him to much as he worries .

I work nights as a carer ,which is becoming more difficult .I think my job is making this worse as some of my service users have ms ,obviously at the very bad stage ,so thats all i have ever seen with ms, is people wheel chair bound ,unable to do anything .Thats why i like this forum ,as its made me realise thats not always the case .

Im finding new things about it everyday .My new thing i have learnt today is that even my ear can get numb lol

from Sam xx

((((Hugs Sam)))) 

You're right to think that ms is different for everyone and I can see why your job increases the worries about your own health. It must be incredibly hard for you so I'm glad that you've found some comfort here with us.

Symptoms can be so odd and sporadic at times, I shudder to think how many I could list if I wrote everything down.....I guess there could be worse bits to go numb

See how you go on the ami - I hope it starts to help

Debbie xx

Thanks :)

The hospital rang today and have changed my appointment with the neuro ,from thurs 14th june to tmw ! im abit nervous, but i doubt nothing much will happen tmw anyway.There are so many other things it could be ,im just hoping its something else

Sam xxx

Hi thanks for replying :) i love a nice hot bath but to be honest my tingling etc is always worse after .

Its very true what you say about my patients . Alot of them were diagnosed around 20 years ago and as you say treatments are alot better now .

My neuro appointment is thia afternoon ,dont know why im nervous ,feel abit stupid .But it will be over and done with soon :)

from Sam  

I love a nice hot bath too - but it definitely doesn't like me crying2

Heat can be a different kettle of fish though - a lot of people say the same, that a dryer heat is much kinder to them than the heat that we have in this country. I say we all move to somewhere with the right kind of heat...oh if only eh?....I can picture it though...happy2

Good luck this afternoon Sam, will you let us know how you get on?


Debbie xx


Just to let you know I put another post up about neuro app
From Sam x