Tingling and numbness

As i wrote in my last post i have a lot of tingling ,pins and needles and at the moment some itching ,mainly on my back but also my legs and arms just not as bad as my back and my face is slightly numb ,just one side which has just come on .

Just wonderd if any of you have found amitriptyline helps at all ?

thanks from Sam

Hi Sam,

A lot of people are on amitryptiline and do find it helps so it’s definitely worth trying. Some meds can take a bit of jiggling about to get the dose right for you so if it doesn’t hit the spot after a while of being on it, your GP/neuro may decide to adjust it a tad.

I can’t remember how long I was on it for - a good year I think - but it didn’t do much for me so I flicked over to pregabalin.

Good luck - I hope it helps you.

Debbie xx

Hi Sam,

I’ve been put on amitryptiline by my GP as I asked him for something to stop the gushing feeling in my leg. He reluctantly put me on it after I insisted I needed help. He has put me on 10mg a night - increasing to 50mg…I am now on 40mg I go up to 50mg next week.

I’ve found that it has taken the gushing feeling away, and most of the internal twitches too. I still get pins and needles sometimes, and still have the weak feeling in arms and legs.

The only thing is, I thought it was meant to make you sleepy, and I’ve found that I cannot sleep. I’m off to see him next week though so I’ll tell him, maybe he can give me something to help with the sleep.

Give it a go, it may work for you.

Best of Luck,


Hi Sam. Im on Amitryptiline too. I take 25mg at bedtime and was put on it about 4 months ago. I can’t see that its made any difference to me to be honest, certainly doesnt help me sleep, but Im going up to 50mg this week and hoping that will help. I too have numb patches on part of the right side of my face, right side of bottom lip and down towards my neck. My right thumb is also numb. Weird isnt it x

Thanks for your answers .I have taken 10mg for the past 2 nights .Ive never slept so well .I havent noticed my tingling etc are any better yet .

Infact yesterday they seemed worse .Me and my husband went to the cinema ,i didnt mention it to him as he worrys ,but i had bad pins and needles,really bad in my hands which i havent had before.My whole right side of my face was feeling numb and i just felt dreadful and tingling all down my legs it was driving me mad ! Ive had enough of feeling these annoying ,horrible symptoms (im sure you all have. ) I told my mum on the phone last night ,she said tha"thats it im taking you up the hospital"she cant understand why im going numb in places .Ive told her theres nothing they can do ,that i have to wait for my neuro app.My skin feels very over sensitive ,you only have to tap me and it hurts .Sorry for moaning ,just feeling abit fed up with it all this morning

from Sam x