numbness in legs and tingling spreading!

Can anyone recommend meds for pins and needles. I have it permanently in my legs with numbness upto my stomach and back. I am taking 2 x 5mg amitriptyline each evening but while its helped with the twitching the sensations can be quite overpowering especially after sitting for most of the day in an office role. The overpowering sensations seem to flow up my legs and are so intense i have to stop and almost catch my breath before settling down after 15 mins. They come after I’ve been sat still for over 30 mins (which doesn’t happen often) and then walking over 50 yards. I haven’t got my neuro apt until Aug and Im not currently on DMDs but hopefully that will change when I see him. I count myself lucky as I was diagnosed 10 years ago and my symptoms have all been sensory and fairly few and far between and I’ve recently had iv steroids (3 weeks ago) but as yet I’ve not really seen much improvement. I guess I should give the steroids a few more weeks to help but maybe my gp may have something to help! Has anyone else had something similar?

I would normally suggest amitriptyline for pins & needles. Have you tried taking it earlier in the day? Or increasing the dose a little? I sometimes take 10mg mid afternoon. As I’m used to taking it at night it doesn’t give me any kind of sedative effect so it would depend on how you react to the drug and also whether you have to drive etc, or how you’d feel taking it during a working day. The steroids can of course keep affecting your symptoms over the next weeks, even months.


The amtyptaline completely knocks me out so not sure taking earlier will help, but it has really helped with my sleeping so don’t think I could take it any earlier. I’m usually ready for bed around 9.30 already - I take it at 8pm!

I have numbness in my left hand worse when I get tired especially after a spell at the gym have just noticed that my right side around my waist doesn’t quite feel right hopefully nothing