Numb arm, anyone else?

I have had a numb left arm for over 6 months, amount of numbness comes and goes, but has always been there. Also have had limited movement. Got pins ans needles in my hands and fingers. It’s painfull today, had stress, normally feels like I constanley have a blood pressure cuff on it, but today feels like someone is pressing down on it and sharpe pains up from my elbow to my shoulder. Been on Amtriptyline for a week and burning pain in calf muscles has gone, but now got pains in the front of my left leg, pins and needles in lower half. Due to see Gp again in a week to see how Amtriptyline is working, but also having trouble concentrating and focusing, had this for a while too. Getting a bit depressed, it’s school holidays and I can’t walk far or drive. Boys seem happy playing x box, but I’m not. Any ideas?

Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot that helps with numbness, but the amitriptyline will hopefully work for your pain and other sensory things once you get on the right dose. It should also help with your concentration as a byproduct of sorting out the pain - it is rather distracting :frowning:

Are you taking the amitriptyline in the evening? Just asking because it used to wipe me out so, if you were the same, it would be making your concentration much worse.

No great advice to give about what to do with your days other than to forgive yourself for not being able to get out or take your boys out. None of this is your fault. Let the boys do what they want (within reason!), rest, watch a bit of telly, read a bit maybe, sunbathe,… be kind to yourself.

Karen x

Yes taking it in the evening as sleep is a problem for me. Did wake up at 3am to go t the loo, could not get back to sleep, so got up and watched some tv and had a drink. Back to bed at 5am, next thing I knew it was 9.30am! Good job it’s the holidays. Have switched to decaff as I was having bladder problems, did cut back on liquid but did not help with constipation problems!, also still needed to get up in night! Is this normal? Think I will write another post.