Altered sensations advice needed

Hi, Since Christmas eve I have been having altered sensations in my groin area (very embarrassed to explain this to people!) It started off as numb, I had no sensation there at all! Yesterday it was tingling and then itching as if there were hundreds of ants crawling around there. Today, it is not numb but it is incredibly painful to walk or to sit…I am still in the first 16 months of being diagnosed and so don’t really understand it all yet. Is it normal for sensory symptoms like this to fluctuate?! I thought if it was a numbness it would stay numb, not change to pain or itchy. I would really appreciate any advice as I feel I am at breaking point and just want to cry! I am 27 and this is my 6th relapse since being diagnosed 16 months ago.

I know exactly what you mean when you say crawling ants, I tend to think of maggots myself, think ants sound nicer, I’ll use that in future. I’ve had the mes for about fifteen years and still don’t consider myself an expert but I can say that in various places, I frequently experience the crawling ants that can change to being numb and then painful by being very sensitive when touched, rather like a burn. Normal! you experience it, I do, I imagen quite a few others do. I try very hard to be positive but admit that some times tears flow, better out than in I think. Think of me holding your hand, I sure all t’others are too. X

Thank you so much. That is so kind. So it is normal for the sensory feelings to change and fluctuate like this during a relapse rather than staying as purely numb or purely crawling or purely painful? X

Hi, I’m sorry to read that you’re going through all this. When you’re having these feelings, without a diagnosis, it’s the state of being in limbo that’s just as upsetting as the symptoms themselves. The sensation you described is quite common and it’s called Neuropathic Pain. The skin has thousands of receptors for stimuli such as touch, movement, temperature and pain. The face, the extremities and genitals have the most nerve endings. When the nervous system gets damaged, the signals in these areas become distorted and the brain gets messages like the numbness, itchiness and pain that you describe. I think of it as like the static interference on a radio. There are several medications that can help with this as well as convention as painkillers. It’s trial and error to find out what works best for you. If you have a MS Nurse they can start you off, or your GP or neurologist. I know what your going through as I have this in my hands and feet. I hope you get some relief soon and that 2018 will be a better year for you; whatever the diagnosis. Best wishes, Anthony.

I can remember as far back as 30 years and having altered sensations in my feet and hands, yet like most typical fellas I just ignored it. For years it would come and go in my hands and still remains today, the feelings in my feet lasted months from what I can recall and never returned. About 8 years ago my hands got so bad I was sent for tests, including an MRI scan on my brain, which came back clear, so at the time the altered sensation in y hands was put down to Carpal Tunnel, however just over 4 years ago I was diagnosed with MS after showing other symptom, and the neuro thinks all the feelings of altered sensation I’ve experienced over the years was in fact the MS just ticking away slowly, and not Carpal Tunnel. In fact at the time of being diagnosed with the MS the neuro pulled up the old MRI scan that I had done on my brain when I was having these strange sensations, and although the brain scan did indeed show as clear there was a small bit of the scan that exposed my spine and within that small area he could see some very small lesions. Unfortunately the original neuro only looked at the actual brain and never viewed the area of the spine that was visible in the scan. Looking back now, I’ve more than likely had MS with me since my 20’s, (now in my 50’s), but it has only really shown it’s ugly face for the last 4-5 years. It all started with simple altered sensations, something that usually just gets ignored.

I too can identify with you on these symptoms…ants have invaded my body and go walkabout whenever they feel like it.

The numbness too.

Hope things improve soon for you.