really strange sensation - anyone had this?

seems like i am posted every week at moment...wonder if the weather has anything to do with it....


anyway, last night I have really strange 'waves' of sensation accross the top of my head.   Best way I can describe it, is the feeling of someone pulling your hair in intense tingling which I'm not really sure was painful or not - just very disturbing.....



Hi Amanda,

Not sure if its exactly the same as you're having, but I have tingling on the back and front left side of my head, which is very strange and feels very odd. I am not dx yet.


Take care,




Hi Amanda....great name happy2

I have posted on here and last updated last week sometime about my horrid weird head sensations.

It feels tingly/buzzing/vibrating/pins and needles....can't clearly explain but its WEIRD! 

I've had it for about 6 weeks now. It comes in waves and I feel a bit spaced out as well at the time and lately my vision seems strained aswell. 

All sorts of weird things have happened this week with mine which include....pains in the eyes...pins and needles/numb tongue and constant eye twitching/spasms in BOTH eyes......arggghhhhhh 

I was really really starting to worry that it may be something sinister but sadly for you and erveryone else that has commented on seems to be something that several others have suffered from too.

Mine lasts only a few seconds...2 minutes each time at the worst...however I can get it about 20 times a day now.

How long do yours last and how frequent?

I really do hope yours clears up's a horrible sensation that is vert un-nerving!

Mandymoo x (Amanda when I'm being told off LOL)


ive had a kind of feeling like that, its kinda like a head rush but without the dizziness, and i get pulsy/tingly/creepy crawly feeling in my head too, so kinda the same (ish)

hope it goes away soon ((hugs))


Ha ha mandymoo… Love the name .-) yah mine felt proper Wierd … And happened about four times last night for the first time. Today as been more of a feelike someone is touching my head. Now unless it is a ghost he he. I seem to have had lots of strange sensations over the last week…painful dead feeling arm, tingly head, a feeling of warm water being poured on my thigh…

I get this too, apparently it's normal for anyone with a neurological condition so I've been told. 

It feels very odd though and makes me want to scratch although it's not like having an itch, it sems to be worse when it's hot or when I'm stressed.

Tabitha - yes yes yes...makes me want to scratch too even though no itch!!!  Occasionally it 'flashes' on and off at the back of my head too.  So glad its just not me. 

Is it worth ring the consultants secretary or gp, or wait until my appointment with neuro on 22 August?

Hi Amanda

I get the all over head pins and needles, I also get a contagious itch. I just have to scratch it, it goes with the two headaches I get. One in the front like a hangover, can be shifted with analgesics. The other feels like a baseball bat to the back of my head, sure if I was in Henry VIII time that’s where the axe bloke would have got me. This one goes with time and painkillers won’t shift.
Then the humming and whining in both ears, makes me think tv not tuned in properly.


I get this too, but I also get it spreading out over my cheeks, radiating forward from the back of my neck to the front of my face. Then there's the eye twitches and even my lips and nose, which sometimes feel like they have their own pulse!

This is the first time I’ve posted here & I only registered to see if my weird feelings might have some explanation. Amazingly, I have exactly this issue! I am not diagnosed but I’m waiting to see the neurologist. I have Fibro & Hypermobility. I have been suffering with eye problems for a year & now all the eye infections have gone the opthalmologist realised its not my eyes exactly but a neuro problem. I am rapidly losing sight in right eye. I have had twitches & tinglings in my lip, eye, ear & head for some time, but have just started with the creepy/crawlies on my skull. It goes along the left side & on to my face & jaw. Lots of stabbing jaw pain as well. This is just the latest in a longline of twitches, jerks, shakes & tremors, but definitely the most awkward to describe & deal with. It makes me feel wobbly, but not faint. Does that make any sense? Whatever it is, & whatever future dx I might or might not get, I’m relieved to hear I am not alone. Thanx for listening :slight_smile:


Welcome!  I get the creepy crawlies too, in random places, but up the nose makes me sneeze non-stop. Sometimes this stuff can be funny.  I have tremor in my arms too, if I overwork the muscles.  Largest cat in the universe needed taking to the vet the other day on the bus and I had to carry him quite a long way in his box - next time, he's on wheels, even if I have to buy a 2nd hand pram. Couldn't chop the veg later with my usual finesse.

In relapses, the stabbing pains vary, the ones across the ribs are terrible, and the one on top of my left foot is so common it's ignorable.  

Hope you get some joy out the Neuro.  Don't be fobbed off, take notes to refer to so you don't forget any questions and take someone with you as a memory aid might all help.