horrid horrid weird sensation!!! any ideas?

I had a really funny turn yesterday. For about 10 seconds each time (3 in all) this complete bizare feeling came over my head and face, starting from the right. I would never be able to articulate how it felt because it was so so so bizare. Tingling, fuzzy, numb, pressured, vision issues but I cant say what exactly…just struggled to focus I guess…I really did think I was having a stroke. Very very scary. I thought I would have a day of rest today but I needed to go and collect my daughter from her final day ever (whoopee) at school. On the way home I needed to make 3 emergency toilet stops…my bowells were awful…So I’m lay up in bed…still with a dodgy tummy and slight fuzzy feelings on my head. Don’t really know what to do about it

Anyway…thx again all

Mandymoo xx

Ive just copied this from the bottom of my last post. I wanted to set up a new thread for this really scary sensation

Mandymoo x

Hey Mandy

When I had my first true episode of symptoms I had the strange wave like feeling of pins and needles, fuzzy vibration wash over me. It lasted 30seconds and was very strange and then I ended up with a numb and tingly left lip which then progressed to my hand and leg and I had bowel (constipation then urgent need to go/ diaoreah) issues and urinary issues.

So what you’re saying certainly doesn’t sound weird. Make sure you tell them when you go for your LP on friday. It’s important to get new things documented in case it amounts to a new episodfe for you. Try and relax and not stress - remember stress isn’t great for any neuro condition really. Good luck for your LP friday - hope you feel better soon.



Hi Reemz,

It’s really comforting to know that others have experienced similar but it’s bloomin cr*p that we have to have it at all. I have just called my GP because the remnants of it are still there but he’s off today. I’ve put a request for a call from him tomoz. If I’m honest I think I should prob be seen but I’m absolutly sick to the back teeth of trying to describe these completly bizare symptoms that always seem to be so un-describable…I think the main reason for that is that our brains are not functioning as we would like them to at the time of any attack and therefore it’s hard to recall and articulate.

Thx so much for the kind good wishes for Fri!!!

Mandymoo x

I’m still suffering with these horrid fuzzy head feelings!!!

I don’t know what to do anymore…they are really affecting my balance quite severly!

I’m wobbling all over the place!!!

It’s sooooo intense.

I did tell the neuro but because I was in a state at the time I think I may have portrayed that I’ve only had it a few times but thats not the case. Its happening between 5-15 times a day now.

I told the GP about them yesterday and he did look concerned but said that we need to wait for the 2nd brain mri appointement to come through.

I’m getting to the point where Im thinking of going to A and E but I fear that they will simply laugh at me!!

I hate being a winge’r

Mandymoo xx

How are you doing now hon? Any better? Cx

Hi Claire, that’s so kind of you to ask! I’ve been in bed since and just trying to chill. Getting stressed defo makes it worse but I think when need to concentrate also flares it up. I went around morrisons today with my daughter and I was soooooo wobbly. And then I always manage to stand in the way of people and can’t think to move fast enough. It’s been a while since my daughter came shopping with me and I think it shocked her tbh! If I need to concentrate or think hard about what I want for example then the wave just comes! I’ve had it 14 times today alone! I’ve just gotta be patient I guess for the repeat MRI to come through. I just wish I knew what this was/is it’s soooooo frightening!! The neuro is doubtful that my symptoms are ms but that doesn’t mean that I need answers and peace of mind! Sorry to moan Thx again, mandymoo xx