Is this TN or just me wingeing?

Hi all, me again.

for the last two weeks on and off I have been having this rather weird horris sensation that starts on the top of my head and forehead (usually the ‘left’). It feels as though its an intense fuzzy pins and needles tingly feeling. It’s not pain just alarmingly weird. When it happens I seem to feel quite spaced out and find it difficult to focus clearly, but they may be because of the panic. (I thought it was a stroke the first time it happened)

It lasts about 15-20 seconds and happens a few times over in a minute or so.

Anyway…this feeling is being felt through my cheek bone nose and jaw line on the 'right; hand side. It really isnt painful hence my doubt over it being TN.

Why would it start on the left of my head and move to the right of my face?

Any advice would be very welcome.

Thank you from Mandymoo x

Oh and I’m feeling very wobbly too plus other stuff but thats to do with me legs and bladder.

Hmmm not completely sure it’s TN though of course you can have bi-lateral. And also just because it’s not neurlagia doesn’t mean that it’s not something to do with your trigeminal nerve (there’s always the atypical type too).

I think I had trigeminal neuralgia over a month back and it started with stabbing electric shock/ stabbing sensations in my L eye (really painful about 20 in the space of a few hours). I then had the odd epsiode of these over the next few days with a dull pain over the L side of my cheek and up my forehead. Few days later the electric shocks stopped and I had borring sensations in my L eye (excrutiating). The a week later L jaw spasm and my tongue being numb.

I had my eyes and teeth checked and my neurologist is * so he didn’t confirm or deny it as by the time I actually got to see him it had pretty much resolved.

Whether this is TN or not it sounds like you have other symptoms ? possibly new or a worsening. If this the case I would ring the neuro secreatries and let them know. If it is another episode of symptoms it’s important to get it documented as well getting help if you’re struggling.

Hope you feel better and hopefully it’s not TN. Whether mine was definitely TN or not it was excrutiating.



Thx Reemz

Oh my days…

it’s happening now…im finding it really difficult to think and process stuff. My head feels so heavy but yet numb…

Its really quite frightening.

I’m seeing the neuro on thurs for LP results


Hi Mandy - that’s good. At least you have an appointment in the pipeline. It’s horrible not having control or being able to understand what’s happening and why. I had horrible buzzing vibraation sensations on my head for a while and they scared me. It was so difficult to focus when your head feels like it’s a mobile phone on vibrate.

Good luck with the LP results. Hope you get some answers. In the mean time obviosuly if anything gets significantly worse then you’ve always got the A&E option.

Hope you get better and let us know what happens with your neuro.