Alone, scared, don't know what to do :'-(

i’ve been lay in bed for a few hours now.

I keep getting this weird sensation come over my head. I thought it was only on the right but now i’m not sure.

It’s really rather intense and it’s not going away! I nearly drifted off listening to Pink Floyd but then it woke me and frightened the cr*p out of me.

My rib pain under my breast kicked off (spasms)

The pain and tightness between my shoulder blades started

4 trips for a wee in 30 mins

My feet are burning

Eye is twitching

hand tremors

Vision feels slow

And so so so tired

I really don’t know what to do anymore!!!

My husband is working away this week so I can’t wake him and ask his advise.

I have a 16 year old daughter in the house but she’s struggling with PTSD and my ill health is reinforcing it!!

I do have my LP results on thursday and im desperatly hanging on for that but I dont know if i can wait that long…

So bloody scared and feel so alone.

Sorry to moan but somthings just need to be said so that it hopefully de-sensitzes their power and strength



Hi Mandy, I often wake in pain with things happening to varios parts of my body and it does get scary sometimes, which is why I’m here now. You have to stay strong for your own and your family cus thats what mums and dads do. I havent had dx but no sranger to what your going through Maybe a cuppa would help or so mething to eat may help. I got up for reasons, your not alone mandymoo and I’m sure there are others just like us, so keep on hanging on, its going to be a beautiful day tommorrow. So be strong, for yourself and your little one. Sweet dreams n huggs. F.xx

Hugs from me too xxxjenxxx

((((hugs Mandy)))

When you say you have your LP results on Thursday do you mean that you have an appt with your neuro? If so, then give them a call - maybe they’ll be able to bring your appt forward being that you’re feeling so rough. It’s worth a try…

(((more hugs)))

Debbie xx

Big hugs :slight_smile: I’m feeling the same as you at the mo xx

Hugs from me too. I’m another one who knows how you feel. Xx

Oh no Mandy!

How are you feeling now? Any better?

Try not to overdo it today, relax, get your hubby to cook or order take away, leave all the house work. Distract yourself with something you enjoy - a good movie a good book anything.

None of it’s important in comparison to your health. If you can wait it out till thursday then do but otherwise go to A&E. You’re not going to be any use to your family when you’re struggling and unhappy.

No appologies needed for moaning Mandy. I’d be worried and feeling at my wits end too.

Lots of hugs rest up and we’re here.



Thx so much everyone for your kind thoughts and hugs.

I have had a terrible day with this tingling pins and needles head. Its awful, I’m trying so hard to hang on for the neuro on thursday for the LP results but to be honest…I think I need to be seen sooner rather than later…but I absolutly can’t put my daughter through any more stress. I seriously contemplated ringing 999 last night as the head syptoms got soooooo bad, today also…

Could this be an MS symptom???

Scary stuff

Hopefully tomoz will be a better day and tonight I can get some rest…fingers crossed!!

Thank you evveryone again!!

Mandymoo xx

Really sorry you have had such a rubbish day Mandymoo. Its all so scary anyway isnt it.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that tomo will be a much better day for you xx