hi all.. bit scared...any advice appreciated

Hi all

i am not dx am awaiting MRI results at the mo. just wandered if anyone had any thoughts about what happened to me last night,

Went to bed fine…woken in the night by what felt like my whole body twitching/ jumpimg!!! was so scared wouldnt open my eyes cos i thought someone was in the room shaking me…lol… poked hubby to wake him and tell him but he was awake and said i had been doing it for a while!!! Then it stopped and i fell back to sleep, woke this moning feeling totally washed out had only been up an hour and went back to sleep on the sofa where i had a weird strobe light flashing effect when i closed my eyes…

Any thoughts anyone???

When I was having my MRI of my neck they kept saying try to lay still, but I kept twitching also.VERY LONG MRI. I’m waiting final results also. The waiting is very hard. Good luck to you.

No idea (spasms? fit? something else?), but definitely something you should see your GP about.

Karen x