hi everyone
sorry for the anon post,dont know why i post anon lol
just want to know if anyone has similar episodes or expierience the same as me
yesterday afternoon i was sunbathing out me front and i started to feel really strange,it started by getting a samll vibrating tremor throughout my body (nothing new)
but i started feeling even stranger,my feet and calfs started buzzing/popping thats nowt new either thats pretty much nonstop at the moment but i started feeling shakey and dizzy,i felt so shakey i could hardly stand on my feet and the small tremor was really strong now,as i felt so shakey and my heart felt like it was racing or that might have been the temor i was having
i crawled to bed,and i really do mean crawled,i felt abit okish when i was in bed laying down but as soon as i tried to get out of bed i’d be too shakey and dizzy,anyway i fell asleep for about 30 mins and when i got up i was ok.
this as happened to me a couple of times over the last 2 year,does anyone have any similar expierences,i’d love to hear from you’s
thankyou all

Hi Anon, Yes this has happened to me on many occasions and it’s not a nice feeling at all. If/when it happens again get your partnersu to call your gp out so he can see for him/herself the effect it’s having. May I suggest that you make a note of this for your record of events and it will enable you to tell your neuro and your own gp. It is important it is noted by your own gp as soon as possible. Hope this helps, take care. Janet x

thanykou janet,ive been pretty desperate for someone to reply to this post,the bubbling/buzzin in my feet a pretty much constant and the internal tremor can come n go,its the fact that i get so shakey and the small internal tremor becomes so strong that i cant even stand up what worries me,i will try and explain this to my gp on my next visit to them.not that my ever listens or has a clue

Hi anon, can I just jump in too, because this was something I have thought about asking about - there is the Uhthoffs sign, which if you read about it, it says that symptoms reappear/wosren when hot.

I have realised that for the last few years, when I get quite hot, I start to feel really shaky, weak and nauseous and unwell, which seems to settle when I cool down. But doesn’t correspond to a specific increase in symptoms, such as double vision which you would expect with Uhthoffs?

Also i have noticed that once I get either hot or cold, it takes a ridiculous amount of time (far, far more than people around me) to normalise my temperature. It’s like my thermostat gets stuck.

Leah :slight_smile:

hi leah thanks for reply,ive revealed myself,not anon anymorei have noticed when my body temp rises i start getting the internal tremor,ive been staying out the sun for weeks now,normally when the sun comes out to play i’m normally the 1st 1 out with my deckchair but havent been able to for a while,(gutted)i thought i was getting better so had a bit of a sunbathe the other day and thats when this episode started,its like janet said,its not a nice feeling,scarey infact.

like janet suggested I’m going to write it down how it happens along with a list of other things happening at the same time buzzin n bubbling in my feet and calfs/pain in face and eyeball,constant ringing in ear etc etc and i will hand it to my gp

now he will think i’m a hypochondriac handing a list over

Hi there I don’t get on well with the sunshine any more :frowning: But have had recent bloods and I am really low in Vit D (and folate)… so staying out of the sunshine completely has back fired on me. There are a few recent posts on different cooling techniques that people on the forum use …maybe these might help some of us get the best of both worlds. There is Frio products which are on Amazon and 'am sure I read something about a Chillow. For buzzing and spasms tremor I was recently prescribed Ropinirole used for restless legs and Parkinsons it works really well at night but is less effective when the weather is scorchio, which I am told I can up the dosage a bit more…not sure if I want to feel like a fat blob with all the pills am popping! I’ll try find the links to the discussions on the cooling stuff x Mich x

Hello again Mick, One little tip, don’t hand the list to the doc’ as they have a tendency to look at it quickly and put it to one side. Tell him, don’t show him, the list is for you so you don’t forget anything. Good luck and please keep us up to date. Janet x