Invisible shaking?

Hi all hope you are as well as can be, for those who remember my last posts Dad is doing well. The MP has asked the council to arrange a house move for me so i can be by the road instead of on a walkway (((lets see eh)))).

I broke my pattern of 4am waking for 5 days and although still tired felt slightly better. For the last 3 days it’s now 5am lol yippee an extra hour! My query today is for just over

an hour when i got up i wasn’t visibly shaking but i could feel the shake all through my Torso which i felt a bit freaked by but hey ho. Would love to know if any limbo or Msers get this.

Oh and Lumbar puncture should be soon i say with Hope as the waiting is driving me nuts.

TIA Sonia x

hi sonia, yes i get invisible shaking in my legs, its not nice at all (((hugs)))

I get it in my legs too its like they’re vibrating but when I look nothing! Its horrible at night - I can ignore when I’m busy but lying down and trying to sleep there’s no distractions.



Hi Sonia

Yes, as well as the visible tremor I also get the “inside tremor”, sort of reminds

me of having butterflies in your tummy, but it is in your arms and legs as well.

I have been told that beta blockers may help, I suppose you could always have

a word with your GP, neuro or ms nurse for their advice.

Take care


Hi, yes I get it too. Legs and torso. I know it’s hard to believe, but you do sort of get used to it. Once you realise that it doesn’t actually harm you it’s not so freaky.

Amitriptyline is helping mine a bit… esp the torso shakes (I feel there’s a song there somewhere…)

Pat x

I get it too, in my torso, it drives me crazy, especially at night! I’m glad I’m not alone though. I’m on beta -blockers, but haven’t noticed any difference sadly xx

Thank you all for the replies, have not got dressed all day due to this feeling and total lack of energy.

Currently on Citalopram and didrocodeine when needed plus the daily dose of dreaded warfarin which prevents me taking quite a few Meds!

Nice to know i’m not alone but wish we could all be rid of these weird happenings

Sonia x

Hi everyone

Im on betablockers too and I havent noticed any difference either. I still get the horrible internal tremor all over.

P xx

Just posted about something’s similar to this you may of answered my questions. I have the internal shakes started in torso and is now in my lady area and tops of thighs just wondered why it happens x